Sunday, May 31, 2009

Computer Issues

Hey everybody! I'm really not trying to ignore anyone, and I am still checking blogs. I just haven't been able to comment because I'm having computer issues. I hope to get my computer back soon and I'll be back on track. I will then proceed to write a piece on all my computer issues (I'm sure you're all dying to read it).

Monday, May 25, 2009

House Cleaning

We've been bit by a major Spring cleaning bug around here. My husband tackled the garage and I attacked our bedroom (I know those are very violent verbs, but if you saw the rooms in question, you'd think they weren't strong enough). Do you think he'll notice if I throw away his really ugly Hawaiian shirt that is two sizes too big on him? We bought it when we went to Hawaii. It was at one of those outdoor markets and we felt pretty cool. I bought a dress type thing and he bought the shirt. When we were in Hawaii it felt right to wear them. We felt as though we were blending into the culture (never mind the fact that we're as white as paper). Then we came home, away from the touristy, beachy paradise and let's just say, we have no business wearing these Hawaiian clothes any more (not that we did in the first place). I have put mine to rest, only bringing it out as a swimsuit cover. But my husband refuses to realize the ridiculousness that is his shirt (actually, he probably does realize it, he just likes to embarrass me) and continues to wear it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'd rather be boating

In the winter when the world turns hazy and cold, I love to snuggle up in my sweats, rest my macbook on my legs and write away. I draw the shades, turn out the lights, and write until I remember I have kids. Winter turns to spring, but the sun still spends most of its time behind the clouds and its easy to ignore. But summer in the valley comes fast and hard and the sun refuses to be shut out or forgotten. Temperatures skyrocket into the hundreds and the lake calls to me.

Seriously, this is how big I smile when I'm at the lake. It's like perma-grin. So, I'd rather be boating. Where would you rather be?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And here's another edition of: That's gross

Knowing the house was beyond disastrous and that guests were arriving that evening, I decided last friday to take a break from my rigorous edits and clean the house. After cleaning the entire upstairs, I broke out the vacuum from hibernation and began the chore. It became apparent very quickly that the vacuum wasn't sucking. I took off the front panel to discover that the bag was so full that all the tubes leading into it had filled as well. So, I removed the bag and went to throw it away. On my way back upstairs, new bag in hand, I heard my son say, "Yummy, cheerios." I rounded the corner and found him picking cheerios out of the open hole that leads into the bag and shoving them in his mouth. They were stuck in between hair and dust balls. Hmm, hmm good.

Now that's gross.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


By Hugh mean Wolverine.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Starring Hugh Jackman and his biceps.

Were all of you worried about me? Were you thinking: Wolverine has been out for a week now and Kasie hasn't posted anything about Hugh on her blog. Maybe she's ill. Maybe we only thought she was disturbingly obsessed with Hugh, but she really isn't. Maybe she won't say a thing about the movie.

No need to worry, my friends. I'm just as obsessed as you always thought me to be. I mean, I was talking about this movie four months ago. Saw it. Didn't analyze it. Happy. Pretty sure I'll see it again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I told myself I wouldn't admit to anyone that I saw this movie because it was a little bit sleazy. Okay, so it was a lot bit sleazy. Even though it is only PG 13, it's not for the easily blushable. So what do I do? I post it on my blog. The reason I decided to post this is because I think there is a lesson here. I went to see it with one of my non-writer friends (yes, I have living, breathing friends) and at the end she said, "He didn't deserve her."

That's what I've been thinking about since seeing the movie. It's true. He didn't deserve her. They couldn't redeem him because they'd painted him too horrible. He was a sleaze ball. Not only do they tell us about the hundreds of girls (possibly thousands) he had slept with just for fun, they gave us a visual too. A bar in his "vision" was packed full of his past girls.

So into the picture comes the girl he's supposedly always loved. And she's perfect. She's sweet and deep and beautiful. And now the movie has the daunting task of trying to convince me that this slimy guy deserves this perfect girl. They don't do it. They could've done it. They could've made it less about his "casual sex" partners and more about his phobia towards commitment due to some experiences he had in his life. But nope, they didn't. They could've given him some other redeeming qualities that off-set his horrible ones. They didn't do that either.

It was a good lesson to me. I definitely think characters need flaws. They wouldn't seem real if they didn't have them. But every character needs something redeeming, even if at first it's just a little something, that makes the reader want them to succeed.

Now, tell me this, will I ever be able to watch a movie or read a book without picking it apart? Will I ever be able to stop focusing on character development and plot holes and just watch a movie for fun again? Whyeeeeeee!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Lovely Award

Thank you Debra Schubert for this lovely award. I'd like to thank the blogosphere and my loyal readership. I accept this award and say, hello, it's about time someone recognized my loveliness. Oh, wait, this isn't an award for my loveliness? Just my blog's? Great. Still unappreciated. Even after posting all those pics of myself.

Well, we all know that awards come with contingencies. I mean, one can't just recognize my brilliant blog and move on. No, they tell me I have to do something else (aside from writing a wonderful blog) to fully earn the award. Fine. I'll do it.

Here are "The Rules":

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
(Oh, I see, this is really about the giver, not the receiver. Debra, you selfish, selfish giver.)

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
( brain just exploded. 15 NEWLY DISCOVERED?? I can give 10 and that's final. I'm way too lazy to newly discover 15 blogs these days.)

The 10 bloggers who have perfectly lovely blogs are:

1. Tricia Sutton who never ceases to make me laugh. She's in my writer's group and just recently braved the new world of blogging.

2. Cindy Wilson whose first novel will be published soon. Her posts are always inspirational.

3. Little Scribbler, a teenaged writer from Australia. I love to see someone discover their passion so young.

4. Mary Olsen. She is a crafting queen and her energy for life keeps me motivated. Plus she makes the cutest videos. Watch out, her dancing is awesome.

5. Weston Elliot is clever and entertaining and I'm always thoroughly impressed by her computer prowess.

6. Jessie (I'm sure she has a last name, I don't know it. Maybe she doesn't have a last name.) She makes me laugh and has lots of entertaining posts.

7. Kathryn Magendie is a real author and she's super funny and gives really good advice.

8. Shanti is a woman after my own heart. She writes fantasy while trying to juggle children (not literally, but, well, you know).

9. Patti Nielson is very insightful and I enjoy her posts very much. They put things into perspective and make me think.

10. Stephanie Ryan (steph, you don't have to post this on your blog, but I just had to give a shout out) because she has been doing the most amazing newborn pics lately. Her latest session was these adorable twins. You have to check it out. So cute!

And there you have it. Ten of the most recently discovered lovely blogs. Thanks for keeping me entertained, guys.