Monday, July 12, 2010

Maddeningly Unhelpful Advice-How to Frustrate Yourself

First of all, before I get into the advice I know you all came here for, I want to say: I'm back!! Yay. It's been so long. I've missed you. I started off with jury duty where I was selected to serve on a federal case: The United States Government was prosecuting a prison guard for beating an inmate. I now want to be a lawyer or write a book about lawyers. It was so interesting. We found him not guilty based on reasonable doubt. Also, side note, when being selected for a jury, do not smile at any time during the selection process or the defense attorney might ask you why you are smiling and when you say, "no reason," he might then say, "no, really, why are you smiling, what's going through your mind?" at which point you will become embarrassed and the answer, "I smile a lot, okay?" won't exactly work.

After that, I went to Utah for the fourth where I saw my awesome in-laws (and I totally mean that, I love my in-laws). We ate and ate and then ate some more. I wasn't there very long, but I also got to sneak in a visit with Natalie Whipple--I lost a bet and owed her lunch. If losing bets means I'm forced to eat amazing Chinese food with a great friend, I think I'll start losing more bets.

Next, I went to girls camp where I tested the theory that mosquito repellent doesn't actually work and proved this theory right by coming home with half a dozen mosquito bites. They still itch.

And now, onto your advice for the day: Frustration, a good way to achieve it. Because of our recent move, I've had to re-register my girls for school. As part of this, I have to supply the school with the usual: Social Security card, address verification, birth certificate, immunization records, a lock of hair, a vile of blood, my first born. You know, the usual. So of course, I can't find any of this stuff. File cabinet stuff is the last to be unpacked. It's not like any of these papers are important, right? But apparently every rejection letter I've ever received is VERY important, because those are perfectly in place. AHHHH!!! Yes, I'm frustrated. So if you want to be frustrated, too, make sure important papers are not organized correctly and nowhere to be found, but you have a place of honor for your rejection letters. Something's wrong here.


  1. You're a busy lady!!! I know all too well how to frustrate myself and it's frustrating:/

  2. So funny. I think it just shows you have your priorities in place. Rejection letter vs. birth certificates? No contest. He he.

  3. My house is like that and I can't even blame a move on it, since I've lived in the same place for 12 years. Good luck finding your papers.

  4. Around here, we put important papers "in a very safe place, so no one will find them and steal our identities." Of course, we can't find them either. But, yes, I know EXACTLY where rejection letters and every printed draft of my MS's are.

    And, um, enrolling in schools? YUCK! Probably my least favorite thing to do. Have fun with it! :)

  5. Oh man, moving throws everything out of whack. I'm convinced that there is a box missing from our last move. I can't tell you what was in it. Something . . . I can just feel it.

  6. My important papers are organized in just the same way. Sounds like you've had a fun and busy summer!

  7. Oh my gosh, you are so busy! But you sound happy! =)

    My daughter just went to her first girl's camp. I cried. She is so grown up. =)

  8. So funny!:)
    I just registered my first born for Kindergarten. He is getting so big. I'm sad!:( But, he is so excited.:)

  9. Not that your Maddeningly Unhelpful Advice wasn't maddeningly unhelpful, but you perked my curiosity with the bit about the prison guard and the inmate. I could ask you so many questions (evidence against the guard, evidence for the guard, how long it took to find him innocent etc...) but I wont, b/c it would require you to write a novel to answer the questions to my satisfaction.

    Oh, and I totally believed when you said you had to give a lock of hair to register your children (and the vile of blood [but only for a split second, I swear!!])

    Just thought I'd throw that out there...

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