Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Savage? Not me.

Yesterday my two-year-old threw a hand towel in the toilet.  Today I fished it out.  How is that for savage?  Thank goodness we have three toilets in our house.  Tell me I'm not alone.  Have any of your passions/obsessions ever turned you savage?  How?  


  1. All



    I always feel bad because it takes away from time with my kids, but it's also a much needed break so I guess it's just finding the balance between breaks and not obsessing so much that I forget where my children are. LOL!

    The house is a total wreck. I never thought I could ever live in something this messy and not care.

    I have more pictures saved on my computer of characters from movies and books I obsess about than I do my own family...I think. I might need to count one day.


  2. I just wanted to stop by and say "Hi". I discovered you through Terri Tiffany's blog. Are you telling me the obsession doesn't end? :) I really enjoy your blog and particularly liked your post about AZ (I'm a Zonie) - most people don't seem to get the beauty we have. You've added some great links here and I intend to come back again. From a fellow wannabe published author... Blessings!

  3. BRITTEN!! Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I love your obsession. It's one of mine as well. Sigh. How many things can one girl obsess over? I'm sure I'll find out. Can't wait until Friday where we can see a little preview of our obsession played out for us on the big screen. See you then.

    Tracy, I love meeting new friends. Thanks for checking me out. I get even more excited when one of my new friends is from my favorite place in the world--Arizona. I get to go to Arizona on the 23rd and I've been counting down the days. I can't wait! I'm going to check you out now. :)

  4. I wouldn't say savage, but maybe intense ... Writing, some days it just doesn't let go and it's difficult to stop for coffee, dinner, family time! Thankfully, everyone understands ...

  5. Joanne, intense is a much nicer word, isn't it? :) I always know when I'm in the zone because I forget to eat.

    Terri, maybe I should try to forget too...or write a book about it...hmmmm.... LOL :)

  6. Hi Kasie - I'm just impressed that you were willing to fish the towel out of the toilet yourself. Eeww! You are a brave little savage! Slendie

  7. Oh Slendie, read the very first post (listed under "short stories") I ever made on my blog about dignity and you will no longer be impressed by such a minor dive (no pun intended) into savagery. :) LOL

  8. Do I even need to answer? You've seen my house and me on those days when I do nothing to clean up either.

  9. Were you testing to see if I was up at 2am?? :) Last night I actually went to bed at 12. You beat me.