Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Sister, The Rebel (part 2)

“We’re going to take some pictures of you doing crazy things in your town,” my sister informs me as we walk down the sidewalk.

“Like what?” I ask warily.

She looks around. Up a small hill, next to a building we see a rusty replica of a relic from the mining history of the town—a transport car, sitting on some tracks.

“Go sit in that,” she says, pointing to it.

“What? No,” I say, eyeing the busy street, which we were walking down—the main street of the small town.

“Just do it.” She gives me a shove.

I perch myself on the very end of the train car (as seen in the photo) and she takes a picture.

“I swear, Kasie, you are such a wimp. Let me show you how it’s done.” She drops her purse on the sidewalk and marches up the hill.

While the cars whiz by behind me, I take the shot. (make sure you click on it to get the close up, because her face is hilarious) I’m quickly realizing (actually I have always known it) that I have a healthy fear of getting in trouble. (My parents probably loved it when I was a teenager because I never wanted to do anything that I might have gotten yelled at for.)

The following are some other fun shots from the town:

On our way home after the incredible day, the sun setting in my rear view mirror, I decide I need one last photo—a backlit cactus. I eye the hills that surround us on the desert highway. The first one I find, we both get out of the car and trudge up a hill. (Did I already mention my brown wedges and my aching blisters?)

“Not good enough,” I say, once we’re back in the car (after much complaining about my feet) as I study the shots in the viewfinder.

My sister sighs.

We drive further and I find the perfect one. Pulling over, our headlights shine onto a barbed wire fence. “Ah, man,” I say in disappointment.

“Give me the camera.” My sister holds her hand out. I place it in her upturned palm. She exits the car.

“Are you really going to do it?” I ask, opening my own door and following her.

“Do you want the shot or don’t you?”

“I don’t know if I want it that bad.”

She rolls her eyes. “Are you going to try to kill us again by pulling off the side of the road in front of a semi and next to a railing if we don’t get this shot?”

I consider this. “Possibly,” I decide.

With a quick look around she steps over the fence. Wow, she has long legs, I note mentally. She runs towards the cactus in the distance.

“Make sure you get it from all angles!” I yell after her from my safe place on the correct side of the fence. The side that I can’t get taken to jail for. I sigh happily as I watch her take the pictures.

As she runs back towards me and moves to step over the fence I call out “Wait!”

“What now?” she askes.

“I need a picture of you and your deviant acts,” I say, reaching for the camera.

I give you, my sister, the rebel and the shot she risked her freedom for:


  1. Wow, that looks like a load of fun! Your sister is awesome:)

  2. Aw man, I wish I could go on a fun/wacky adventure with my sister. She lives in Seattle. :(

    It sound like you had a blast. In fact, your rebellious craziness reminds me a lot of my sister and I.

  3. You two are hilarious. I am like you - I have that same fear of doing anything that might get me in trouble. Good thing we have people like Stephanie to spice up our lives. Glad you guys had fun!

  4. Natalie, yeah, she pretty much is. :)

    Renee, you have to plan a sister trip, they're the best. My other sister lives in Vegas so I don't see her as much, but we try to get together and be crazy every now and again too.

    Kira, yay, you left a comment. :) She is spicy, isn't she? We had tons of fun!

  5. I seriously just left you the most clever comment in the whole world, and once again your blog ate it! So I guess you'll just have to be satisfied knowing that the comment once existed. I think blogger doesn't like my wordpress account!

  6. I want it!! Give me my clever comment! I live for clever comments. Sigh. I will have to think of it on my own.

    Candice Kennington said...
    Jeez, my best friend is brilliant. And if we're speaking of barbed wire fences I remember a certain one that she decided didn't apply to her on the trip we took together to that particular desert town. What is it with her and barbed wire fences?

  7. Sounds like you and your sister had so much fun together!! Making some cool memories:)

  8. Okay, okay, I will attempt the clever comment again, but first I want to remind you of the sentiment Jack Black expressed in his Tenacious-D song, Tribute, when he said, "This is not the greatest song in the world, no this is just a tribute."

    My Tribute:

    First of all I want to say that Stephanie is hilarious! I only wish she could have been present to capture you attempting to climb out of the truck on our unpredicted and unprepared for, four-wheeling adventure. In my mind's eye I can recall your face as you attempted to exit the car on a steep, sandy hill while wearing your fip flops. The weight of trying to keep the door open at that angle made me think that you were going to go toppling down hill at any second. However, you finally managed to make it around the door and peer over the ledge in front of us in order to make sure that I wasn't about to drive us over the edge of a cliff to our untimely demise (Which we've learned authors are prone to). Just thinking about it makes me laugh hysterically, but a picture would have been awesome!

    That's all... remember, this isn't the greatest comment in the world, no this is just a tribute (and a pretty lame one too).

  9. Terri, I always try to have fun. It is my motto in life.

    Candice, if this was only a tribute then I will forever lament the original comment because this was a brilliant recollection. I am laughing just thinking about it. I really did think I was going to fall down that hill. Never wear flip flops when four wheeling. This reminds me, I need to get a belt for my new buckle.

  10. Candi, I've been thinking about this for hours. Why didn't we have a camera? What was I thinking?

  11. What a great trip you had! Makes me think of the song "Sisters" in White Christmas. "There were never such devoted sisters ..."

  12. Joanne, I've never heard that song. I better go listen to it. :)

  13. You've never heard the song sisters?! Well, when you do, remember to put your hands on either side of your face, wiggling your fingers like sun rays, smile and rock back and forth to the the beat.
    Stephanie, you rock!

  14. Okay, you were the crazy stalker, and I was the out-law with a price on my head for capture!! Honestly....I really shouldn't have listened to you in the museum...because we both know with my brilliance and stealth I never would have gotten caught and if I did I could have talked my way out of it! As for the barbed wire fences...I think my actions were justified. It was either risk a highway patrol man stopping to investigate and possibly getting taken for a ride, or dying at the crazy hands of Kasie and a semi truck. I can't help the fact that I am talented at having fun even if that fun could get us in a little trouble, it was all for the sake of your AWESOME story!!

  15. by the way I think between my offences and your accused stalking habits, yours would get more time in a court of law.....or maybe not!! We are both out-laws!!

  16. The outlaw sisters. That sounds like a good title for a book. Heather are you in?

  17. The Out-Law Sisters? Now this I have to see/read.

    That is one beautiful picture, Steph. I love your guts and your other guts...