Monday, December 22, 2008


"Chaukie," my two year old son screamed, running towards the table.

"No, you've already had enough chocolate," I tried to reason.

He jutted out his lower lip and in true swiper-the-fox fashion said, "Aw man."

I placed him on the floor next to the toy cars and went back to the bathroom to finish applying my make-up.

"Cars, cars, cars," I heard him growl then squeal the word from the other room as he tested out different qualities of his voice.

After applying some eye shadow, I reached for my mascara. It took me a moment to realize it had become quiet. I quickly made my way down the hall, where I found my son sitting at the table, a pile of hershey's kisses in front of him, his lips outlined in chocolate, and a big smile on his face.

He met my serious stare. "Chaukie," he told me happily.

I laughed and sat down to eat a few myself.

My son's newly discovered indulgence this year is quite obviously chocolate. What do you indulge in over the holidays?


  1. Yum! Hahaha! I love it when toddlers do something wrong, but they forget that they are and show you all proudly what they've done! LOL! He's super cute! And yes! I love the mountains! Gorgeous!

  2. Any treat is an indulgence for me, but I'm actually trying not to indulge in treats this year, so I distract myself with some lovely writing. It's very satisfying!

    P.S. What a cutie! I could almost hear his little voice as I read that.

  3. dad was making weird voices for the commets

    from hannah

  4. Jenni, he always forgets that he's doing something wrong it seems. And I'm a sucker. Apparently he's figured that out at the ripe old age of two. :)

    Candi, writing is a good distraction. I know that it's been my diet for the last year.

    Hannah, get off the computer, you little stinker, and go do some homework or something. :)

  5. Dear Kasie,
    Your mothering privileges are dangerously close to being revoked. And I'm not just saying that because I'm in love with your husband.
    -Super Nanny Jo

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