Saturday, December 20, 2008


In my post, dated December 16th, I made the statement: "My husband is the funniest person I know." I have since been accused of libel by the aforementioned husband and have been asked to make a formal retraction of the statement. I have been given two phrases as acceptable replacements for the one I used. The first option I am allowed is: "My husband made me laugh once." The second choice is: "Occasionally, I find my husband mildly amusing." So, take your pick and hopefully my husband will now feel less pressure to be funny if/when he meets any of you.


  1. I know. Brace yourself for meeting the most un-funny person I know. He's quite a bore I've been told. Who knew?

  2. Jared makes me belly laugh every time I see him.

    I refuse your retraction.

  3. Candi, I know.

    Suzanne, I have no idea what you're talking about. He's only made me laugh once apparently.

  4. LOL. Unfortunately this has the opposite effect: now the pressure's really on!