Friday, January 2, 2009


Different thoughts I've had today:

-How can I live another minute unless the laundry, which has been in the hall for a week, has been washed, folded, and put away?

-We should have people over tonight to play Guitar Hero 4.

-I better clean my house before my friends come over.

-I really want to read a certain book I have in my email box.

-I bet my blogger friends are dying to read a post on my blog today. (I mean, I honestly don't know how they lived without me yesterday). :)

-I should just write two pages of my WIP.

-I better make sure I haven't gotten an email in the last two minutes.

-Ooh, I need to watch the new Wolverine movie trailer that's out now. *watches it* It's going to be awesome!

The things I do to avoid editing. *sigh* Back to work. SAVE ME!


  1. LOL, KW! How's about writing or doing the editing before friends arrive to help with the laundry BEFORE the vid games?!

  2. Do you know how I'm feeling right now? S-M-U-G!! Unless of course you're reading too (which I wouldn't doubt) See you in a few.

  3. Ha! Sounds like me. Except I would probably check my blog stats between thinking about laundry and seeing if anyone emailed in the last two minutes :)

  4. Angie, get my friends to help me with laundry? Brilliant!

    Candi, dag nabit. You little brat. Stop it. I'm busy editing (or should be). I have forbidden myself from reading.

    Corey, thanks for stopping by. Don't worry, I check my blog at least once in between all those thoughts. :) LOL

  5. This was too funny. You should definitely invite people over because it's always a good time for Guitar Hero.

    For me, I'd add stalking people on Facebook and checking Twitter to your list! Although edits are kinda fun; I do my best procrastinating when I'm supposed to be writing a first draft.

  6. Hurry! Hurry! I'm alternating between reading yours and writing my next! LOL! I love it! It's sooo exciting by the way! (Yours!) Can't wait to read more!

  7. Good luck trying to wash us puny human woman. You have ignored us too long and we have grown powerful. We are coming for you.

  8. It's too late for us all! Run while you can! While the house has lain uncleaned for many moons, it has gathered pockets of resistance in the form of roach, ant, and toilet fuzz armies. They are led by the mind control powers of the launday. Get the children, burn the house down, and flee for your lives. You can't save us but you can still save yourselves.

  9. Anna, there is always time for Guitar Hero and it was so much fun. My husband kicked all our butts. How can I thwart him next time?

    Jenni, you're funny. I hate to edit so I'm always glad for new readers because it forces me to do it.

    Jared, you better watch out or I won't clean the house again for a while. I mean, did you see the toilets yesterday, take a good look, because they won't be that clean again for a while. :)

  10. I need a break you slavedriver! You make me work night and day. My keys are breaking off and rubbing smooth. That's kind of like when you humans have half your body go numb before a stroke. It's a warning sign to stop immediately and seek help. Well, I need help woman! Leave me be and take care of your family. I've heard through the grapevine that the laundry is trying to take over the house and kill us all. Besides, your husband has been staring menacingly at me lately and I swear I've seen him mouthing the words "Hope the computer can fly" with a tossing motion and then he giggles to himself. I'm afraid he's planning on tossing me over the ledge.

  11. Don't worry, computer, Jared will never kill you, he spent too much money on you and the thought of spending/losing money makes his eye crazily twitch. He's all talk. He's just trying to scare you.

    Now, as to your stroke warnings, come on, you're a mac, I'm not scared.

  12. This sounds all too familiar. :) I seem unable to escape the endless cataloging of things I have to do. The worst is when the thought comes to my head of something I should have done a long time ago, but forgot. *cringe* That happens all too often for me.

  13. My thoughts run the same course so many times--it is hard to focus and do what we need too with so much else to do around us!

  14. Renee, I only have the catalogue when I am editing. All other times, I ignore what I should be doing. teehee.

    Terri, you keep teasing me. You make a comment and I think, "oh good, Terri must of posted a new post and then I visit your site only to be disappointed. :) lol Get back to work so that I can be entertained! :) I'm sure your busy with life and your new real estate stuff and your husband's new business and all, but really, where are your priorities? Obviously you haven't thought about me and my needs. :) I am now going to post this thought on your stale blog. :)

  15. Uh, yeah, these are my thoughts daily too. *hangs head*