Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Boys

I had three girls first so when my son came along it was a whole new ball game for me. I mean, I thought I had this parenting thing down, I've been doing it for ten years, for heaven's sake. But boys are just different, aren't they?

My two year old son has a fascination with his nose. Not just pointing to his own or other people's (like all my daughters did at his age). No, he likes to stick things up it. Whatever really. If he has it in his hand, his little boy brain thinks, "hmm, maybe I should see if this fits up my nose." Crayons, pencils, his fingers, food, really, whatever.

So the other day he's in his high chair and I'm cleaning (I know, miracle). He starts saying, "Mom, look. Mo-om. Mom." Finally, I look up and he has the tail of his toy dinosaur shoved up his nose.

"Gross," I say. He giggles, thinking he is the funniest kid in the world (he is).

I'm scared for the day that something gets stuck up there. (Now, I'm sure some of you have had daughters that stuck things up their noses, but none of mine ever did. So this is truly a scary thought for me, the day I have to go to the doctor because my son stuck a barbie shoe up his nose or something. Yikes!)


  1. To be honest, I don't think I remember any of my boys sticking things in their noses, but one of my granddaughters did. Once, she sneezed and a tiny Lego came out! We have no idea how long it had been in there.

  2. Natalie's brother stuck a few red-hots up his nose. He sure complained alot about how much it hurt! I think he stopped doing it after that!

  3. Heidi put play dough up her nose. The salt burn and burn. She stopped putting things up her nose after that.

    Kasie I had no idea that you blogged. I'm glad you did the 25things about you. Your on my sidebar now. =)

  4. Linda, that's funny. I just know that's gonna be me. Who knows, maybe he already has something hidden up there. :) LOL

    Kim, thanks for dropping by. I just love your daughter, so good job in raising her and all that. LOL I'll have to swing by your blog and look around. I'm just loving all these nose stories. At least I'm not alone. LOL

    Krista, Hmmm, salty play dough might curb his habit huh? :) Yes, I blog, I know, I've been keeping it a secret. I just threw everything out there finally on that 25 things about me facebook post. :) This is my writing blog, I think I might start a family one too so that I don't bore people who only want to read about the fam and not my silly crazy writing habits. :) lol

  5. Hey Kasie, good luck with your books. that's another thing about you I had never heard before. You are full of surprises girl!

  6. Apparently when I was little I stuck a pea up my nose.

    It got stuck.

    I had to get it removed by a doctor. I didn't eat peas for years. And I almost never stick them up my nose anymore.

  7. LOL! I'm soo terrified my two year old will start sticking something else besides her finger up her nose. It's annoying, that--her finger. Seriously. It makes her IQ drop like 20 points.

    You know how other kids like to suck their thumb? Well Chloe rests her finger up her nose. And leaves it there for like three days. GRRR! (The worst part is, she's the kid that looks the most like me--so I can't even say she's not mine. LOL!)

  8. No can't say my daughter ever stuck anything up her nose! So I have a grandson now and you know I'm going to be wondering!

  9. My kids never attempted this, that I know of. But even if it never happens, it's the worry that gets you sometimes, isn't it?

  10. There once was a little boy who, one day had the stinkiest breath you had ever smelled. His mom tried everything so after a few days she finally took him to the doctor where he (the dr.) pulled a piece of rotten meat out of his nose.

    This is not about my son but it's a good one.

  11. Alright so, it might not be a good thing that this is the first you have heard from me. (I'm Jenni James friend, hi! ) So anyway here goes my confession, my mom told me that when I was little I used to have the same problem. And one day I stuck many... many M&M's up there. My mom took me to the doctor and he said I'd be fine but apparently I had chocolate sneezes for quite some time. If it makes you feel any better, I have totally grown out of it. LOL! :D Good luck and maybe keep the poor boy away from M&Ms :)

  12. Kiersten, that's super funny. I'm so glad you guys are sharing so that I know my son isn't weird. Hmmm, actually, does this confirm he's not weird? LOL

    Jenni, HA! Yes, it does lower their IQ and consequently ours for being their parents. LOL

    Terri, keep an eye out. I'm telling you.

  13. Joanne, yes, as if I need something else to worry about.

    Britten, okay that is like the grossest story I've ever heard and I almost puked when I read it. Thank you. LOL

    Jen, by the time these posts are done, I am not going to be able to let my son eat or play with anything because I will be terrified. LOL