Friday, October 9, 2009

Follow Friday

I had so much fun doing my "spotlights" after the retreat I attended in July, that I've been wanting to do this ever since: My own small scale version of Follow Friday. I'm going to be spotlighting some of my favorite people, or newly discovered (to me) people who, like me, don't have hundreds of followers. I thought it would be a fun way to share the love. Plus, once in a while, it's nice to take the attention off of myself (As in, once or twice a month. Let's not go crazy here, people, we all know how much I love talking about myself).

So for my first "Follow Friday" I wanted to tell you a little about the girl I love to hate. My nemesis, Jessie. First of all, I just want to say, I am so glad I found my nemesis. A lot of people go their whole lives searching for theirs only to die an utter failure having never met the person who ever gave them a reason to live. That reason being, plotting the destruction of this person, of course.

Many of you know Jessie. Yes, she's that super cute, super funny, amazingly nice girl. But hiding behind that awesome smile is the girl who finds it fun to oppose me. If I like something, she hates it. If I hate something, she loves it. For example (yes, Jessie, I have evidence) I love music, she never listens to it (I know, shocking). I find a guy with a little eye make-up attractive, she doesn't. She's not a fan of subways and I'm pretty sure she hates free hugs too (I've taken creative liberties with that last conclusion) But the nail in the coffin: she likes wax museums (Jessie, how could you?). (We will overlook the fact that she loves my favorite author, Dickens, was a drama geek in high school, like me, and is a stay-at-home mom. These facts would only detract from the nemesis rule, which states that your enemy must be your opposite.)

It's easy to see why she has been chosen as my nemesis, right? Unfortunately, we will now have to spend the remainder of our lives plotting each others destruction, but maybe once in a while we can take a break and do lunch or let our kids play (I'm sure there are loopholes in the nemesis rule book to allow for such frivolities).

So if you're not already, jump on over and follow Jessie's blog. But please know that I have already claimed her as my nemesis, so you can't steal her from me. And Jessie, I'm giving you an award. It is the "evil eye" award. You have reached official nemesis status. You probably shouldn't post it on your blog because then it will always be watching you. Mua ha ha ha (and, Jessie, don't fight me on this one, I really want to play the evil one, you're avi is way too cute to pull off evil.) Mua ha ha.

(Wow, that post ended up being mostly about me, didn't it? Funny how that worked out.)


  1. LOL!!!!
    Now I totally want a nemesis. Any volunteers? We could have so much fun plotting against each other and playing all sorts of pranks.

  2. Fun post. Going meet your arch enemy now. :D

  3. Neal will be so hurt and disappointed. :(

  4. Megan, yes, it is fun. You must tirelessly search for yours so your life can be complete.

    Angie, yes meet her, and then loathe her. :)

    Candi, everyone knows you have to have one male and one female nemesis. That way eventually your nemesises (nemesii?) can collaborate and make the odds seem against you. (Plus, Neal doesn't have a blog. How am I supposed to antagonize him without a blog?)

  5. I don't have nemesis yet, however I do have an evil twin. Does that count?

    Actually . . . I'm pretty sure I'm the evil one. Ah well.

    P.S. Jessie rocks. :)

  6. I never thought of having a nemesis, now they're going to be all the rage.

    Jessie is totally awesome, go follow her.

  7. The whole time I was reading that I had the song "My nemesis" from Phineas and Ferb running through my head. If you haven't ever heard it you've got to go check it out. It totally cracks me up.

    Jessie's great, even if she doesn't listen to music. We may just have to take her in hand on that and do a bit of brainwashing. I'd hate to destroy your nemesis though. You have such a great Yin Yang thing going on.

  8. Ha! Megan, I want one too. I can be yours if you hate coffee ice cream, love waking up early and are terrified of going scuba diving?

  9. Your Follow-Friday must have worked because now I have two new followers. And I don't think I'd actually like free hugs, but I would like to WATCH free hugs. I am glad our children can still play. Perhaps they can one day be nemeses just like you and me. (Is "nemeses" the plural for "nemesis?") And my laugh isn't evil but it is loud and obnoxious which my family thinks is evil. Thanks for my awesome award. The best award EVER. Creepy but awesome.

  10. I just realized I commented on a post about me without one exclamation point! Lots of exclamation points! Love it! Love evil-ness!

  11. I didn't read the comments before commenting! And I see that you also were struggling with the plural for nemesis, so I looked it up! It's "nemeses!" Oooh, I was right!

  12. LOL! This is a great post, Kasie. You're so fun, and you make me laugh. I think Jessie is great, especially since she makes your life complete. :)

    I've enjoyed her blog a lot!

  13. Uh-oh, I think I am Corey Schwartz's nemesis........

    Who in their right mind likes coffee icecream???


  14. *laughing* love this! I'll go check out her blog!

  15. Renee, an evil twin (even if you are the evil one) totally counts. Unfortunately, we weren't all able to be born a twin, so we must search for ours the old fashioned way.

    Patti, they weren't already all the rage? LOL They should've been because they rock. :)

    Lois, I've never heard that song. Must check it out now. My kids watch that show all the time. I'm sure they know it. :)

  16. Corey, coffee ice cream? Bleck. Too bad I already have a nemesis or I could be yours on that alone. But, I do love the idea of scuba diving (meaning, I haven't done it yet, but I know when I do I'm going to love it) so maybe those two cancel each other out.

    Jessie, watching free hugs does not count. See, I knew you wouldn't like them because you're my nemesis. :) And wahoo for followers! :)

    Michelle, I'm glad you've been enjoying my posts that have absolutely nothing to do with writing. I've been feeling guilty about my non-writing posts. But, seriously, I have no helpful advice for writing so I must erase the guilt.

    Shelley, LOL That's what I was just saying. Seriously. :)

    Kathryn, yes, you should. :) And while you're there, if you laugh (which I'm sure you will because she's funny), make sure it's an evil one (for me). :)

  17. SNARF. I think I want to hold Nemesis tryouts now.

  18. Kasie- I refuse to believe you don't have any advice for writing. You just aren't seeing what's helpful to you that you've discovered could be helpful to others. I'm sure there's something unique and helpful you've got!

    But either way, I like your posts even when they don't have to do with writing. It's pretty refreshing. :)

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  20. Carrie, you totally should. That would be funny. "Apply to be Carrie's nemesis" Reward: Carrie will loathe you and plot your destruction for the remainder of her life. :)

    Michelle, you're probably right. I do remember being "new" to writing and things that would've helped me. I've been thinking about doing a post on writing terminology. Yeah, okay, you've inspired me, maybe every now and again I can do a post on writing. :)