Saturday, October 31, 2009

No NaNo for me, but how about....

Okay, so first of all, Happy Halloween. I love this holiday. Endless amounts of candy accompanied by creatures from the crypt just makes me smile. If you want to attend a rockin' Halloween blog party, head on over to my friend Natalie's blog. I'll be in and out of her party all day, I'm sure.

Now, onto business. I'm not doing Nano. Why? Because I don't need to be more obsessive about writing than I already am. If anything I need a contest that helps me become less obsessed. My friend, Linda, was discussing this same thought on her blog and we decided that if there were a contest that forced us to clean house instead of write, we would be inclined to participate. Well, we thought, why not make one? Tricia jumped on this bandwagon as well. So for the month of November we will be participating in National Housecleaning Month (NaHoCleMo). If you'd like to join us in our quest to make our lives slightly more balanced (and clean) grab a widget (click on the one on the left sidebar to take you to the instructions of how to use) and join the party.

The Rules:

We will be working in minutes, not hours. I set my goal for 5,000 for the month (if this number sounds too easy for you, feel free to up your goal. It sounds like a mountain to me, especially since I'll be out of town for 10 days in November. If it sounds too hard, feel free to make it less. Just a goal is what we're looking for. Something that will help us get away from our computers for a little while and give our poor, neglected houses some attention).

*Laundry counts when it applies to folding, loading, or putting away, but not the actual washer/dryer cycle.

*Cleaning up after dinner preparation counts, as well as loading the dishwasher, and putting away dishes, but not the actual dishwasher running time.

*And of course every other house cleaning venture. (making beds, vacuuming, scrubbing tile [I'm reminding myself what cleaning is, I'm sure you already know])

You may not include in total minutes:

*Trips to the grocery store

*Baking goodies

*Eating (even though this might seem like a chore when in the midst of writing a chapter)

*Writing (of course does not count, shame on me for already wishing it did)

Sounds like fun, yeah? And for those of you participating in NaNo, good luck, I'm excited to track your progress.


  1. LOL!

    NaHoCleMo. I love that. Well, I'm sure my husband wants me to join.

    That's almost three hours of housework every day, though . . . *gulp*

    We'll see . . .

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  2. 5,000 minutes? Wow, that's a lot. I would participate, but I'd just be setting myself up for failure!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Okay, I also changed it so you can just set an attainable goal for you. So if 3,000 sounds better, set that as your goal. Just the fact that we have to post our cleaning minutes is what is going to make us more likely to do it. :)

  5. Hehehe! Fun! I think I already get enough minutes of cleaning in. I just spent a ton of them cleaning the kitchen like I do every day. Sigh.

  6. Yay for us! Here's my excuse for putting off most of the cleaning I was going to do today ... I have delivery men coming, and I don't know exactly when, so it's not a good time to start any real work. I might as well just write the rest of today and start cleaning early tomorrow (opening day of NaHoCleMo.) ;-)

  7. Uh, pass. Good luck and all, but I know I'll fail at this long before I try.

  8. Haha, fun! For some reason I'm even more intimidated by this than NaNo. Hmm.

    Good luck, though! :)

  9. Ha, ha. Good idea. But what I need is National Work Out Month

  10. Eeww ... I like Corey's workout idea, though, I think I'd fail at that faster than housecleaning.

    Is this retroactive? Can I count the five hours of painting today for tomorrow?

  11. Neal will LOVE me if I do this. And since I just sent you "the end" maybe I should participate. Okay, I'm in!! But not for 5000 hrs that's just too much. Plus my house is like half the size of your and I only have one child (my justification is just, right?). so how about 2500. That will be good for me.

  12. That's very tempting because this house definitely has been neglected. I'll think about it...

  13. What? You can't count the time the machines are washing? That's real work they're doing. Surely the cleaning ladies' work counts. Oh, uh, woops. I'm a complete failure at cleaning. I'm sure my husband would love it, but it'll take away from my, uh, anything. I'd rather do almost anything. I did look around my kitchen last night and think, "Man, I really need to clean this up." Maybe I will. Good luck to ya!

  14. Can I opt out of folding socks. I really hate folding socks.

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