Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wednesday Reviews

As I've said before, when I travel, I read. And since, once again, I had two full days of traveling, I got to read quite a bit. I read a few authors that have been around for a while but I have never read. I was kind of shocked, actually, when I realized I had never read anything by Shannon Hale. Nothing. So I picked up one of her more recent novels and got to work.

This was such a cute book. It's one of those that while you're reading you find yourself smiling a lot. Often I feel like a dork when I do this, especially on an airplane. But most of the time I don't care.

I also tried one of Sarah Dessen's books and was very entertained. Real life (and of course when I say "real life" I mean fictional) teen drama? I didn't realize it existed. I thought all teen books were fantasy these days. Just kidding, of course. I've just been reading (and writing) a lot of teen fantasy.

Sarah Dessen does a great job creating emotion in the reader without telling me how to feel. I had some very strong emotions as I read this book. And not one of them was one she told me I should be having. In other words, her character never said, "I am feeling very angry or frustrated right now." (or whatever other emotions she had me feeling) I'll definitely have to pick up another one of hers. She has quite a few.

And in other news, my agent is back! Was that the longest maternity leave you've ever had to wait through? Yeah, me too. So, now she's reading one of my other books that I asked her to (I couldn't decide which one to start submission with) and depending on which one she chooses, we should be going out into the world of publishers in the next few weeks. I'm excited.


  1. I liked The Book of a Thousand Days... and her other books... all very cute. And I am glad for you that you will be able to move on in your quest for published works! Yay!!

  2. There is one book that I still think you should review. Where is it?? Don't you like controversy on your blog?

  3. I haven't read any of their work either. You've given more to add to my TBR pile.

    Looking forward to hearing about your submissions journey!

  4. I loved both of those books. I'm glad you did. It's got to be nice to have your agent back. Good luck making your decisions.

  5. Good luck when submission comes around! Thanks for the reviews—these are both writers I have read but want to as well. So many books! Ack.

  6. Submission soon! Woo hoo! That is so awesome.

    By the way, I was talking with Natalie the other day about how you teased me with just the first half of Captivated. Totally left me hanging. ;)

  7. Annette, I'll have to try some of her other books out. I'm glad they're all cute. Sometimes, I just like to smile a lot when I read. :)

    Candi, you would want a controversy on my blog, wouldn't you? Yes, I left one particular book I read last weekend out of the line up because I couldn't think of anything nice to say about it.

    Tamika, it seems like the TBR pile is always growing taller, doesn't it? I know mine is.

  8. Lois, it is so nice to have my agent back. So happy.

    Natalie, so many books, so little time. :) So you haven't read Hale either? At least I'm not the only Mormon who hadn't. :)

    Renee, I am a horrid person. But, I'm glad you reminded me of this because I've been looking for someone who hasn't read Captivated to read Foretold. Are you up for it? I promise I'll give you the whole thing. None of this half stuff this time. LOL

  9. Those books look great! I'll have to get them on my next trip to B&N.

    I know you're excited about submitting one of your books. Good luck!

  10. I am a big Shannon Hale fan, too, and I've read all her Bayern Books and Princess Academy and Austenland. Still have to read Thousand Days. I haven't really been interested in Sarah Dessen yet, but I think it is because I usually steer away from real-life stuff. Not sure why. Does she write clean?

  11. I like most of Shannon Hale's work - not all, but most. My daughter is also a big fan.

    And, good luck on the submission front!

  12. OH! You must read "The Actor and The Housewife" by Shannon Hale the main character is sooooo Jenni. All the reviews say how unbelievable it is that a housewife would go to CA and an actor would follow her home. Well, those people don't know Jenni James. It would so happen to her. You must read it and tell me if you think so too.

  13. melane, thanks so much.

    Jessie, she is cleaner than some not as clean as others. :) Does that answer your question. LOL Now, this is only based on this one book, because it's the only one of hers I've ever read, but she has mild cussing ('d' and 's' words), some drug use, and an implied intimate scene. I would give it a PG13 rating.

    Tess, see, I knew I was missing something by not having read Hale before. I'm glad to hear that she's so popular.

    Nikki, I will read it for sure. With a review like that how can I pass it up? :)