Friday, December 11, 2009

Agent Appreciation Day

Kody Keplinger (author of The Duff, coming out next year) has decided to make today agent appreciation day. And since I have an agent--Kirsten Manges--and since I appreciate her, I thought I would be ungrateful not to jump on the appreciation bandwagon.

First, a song: She works hard for no money. So hard for it honey. She works hard for no money so you better treat her right.

Second, a statement: Yes, she knows I'm a dork and she still likes me. She even knows about the time I went to New York and stood in front of her office door like a crazy fangirl and took pictures. She said, and I quote: "Kasie, you're so funny." Wasn't that nice of her not to tell me what I really was?--A little bit weird and kind of nerdy. :) (For those of you who don't know, she was on maternity leave or I would've actually met her)

And finally, a tribute: My agent is the greatest. She loves my book and tells me. She is super smart and caught things in my story that no one else had. She's really good about keeping me updated and letting me know what's going on. I love that when there is a problem with my story, she gives me the overall problem, and leaves it up to me to figure out how to solve it. It shows me that she trusts me and my writing and helps me have that feeling of accomplishment when I do find the solution. It also makes me know that she's not trying to take over my story, but help make it the best it can be. She also encourages me and helps keep me motivated to write. I think I found the right agent for me and feel lucky to have her.

Thanks, Kirsten, you're the best!


  1. Another lucky blogging girl with a spectacular agent. I think my jealousy is reaching painful levels! LOL!

    I'm so thrilled for all of you, and maybe next year I can join in the fun. ;-)

  2. Everybody loves a dork. Especially a funny dork with a great smile. It's endearing, really. P.S. Your books are awesome and you totally deserve to have a great agent!

  3. She's lucky to have you as a client.

  4. Those are the best friends (and I assume agents to have). The ones that know you are a dork and love you even more for it.

  5. She sounds awesome! I've really enjoyed reading everyone's "Agent Appreciation day" tributes!

    PS: Love the song lyrics...those will be running through my brain tonight.

  6. :) It's gotta be nice to have someone in your corner encouraging you and appreciating what you do.

  7. Shannon, for sure. You will be part of the fun next year.

    Corey, she is. :)

    Candi, thanks. :) (But I think you are required to say all that. I'll take it anyway.)

    Linda, aww, thanks.

    Amber, so true. Friends (and agents) who know exactly who you are and love you despite it all, are the best.

    Terresa, yes, it was running through my head all day too. :)

    Lois, it's great and very motivating.

  8. gents are not mentioned by name. If they want to know who Agent N is, then there's a simple solution: Meet me at the Where Can I Buy VFW tonight and I'll let them in on all my secrets. Are you ready for this? Click here to read an excerpt of her upcoming thriller called The Duff . Then check out more books from Kody Keplinger!

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