Friday, January 8, 2010

My First Contest!

I like t-shirts. I especially like t-shirts with funny sayings on them. They make me laugh. I also like t-shirts that when I look at them remind me of an event or a person in my life. For example, my friend, Nicki, gave me a t-shirt that says: "Where my peeps at." Whenever I wear this shirt (yes, I wear it), it not only reminds me of the time I totally made a fool out of myself by saying very loudly, in a very crowded store: "Catch you later, my peeps." Which, by the way, I shouldn't have said, even if the people I was yelling out to were, in fact, my "people" and not total strangers. But the shirt also reminds me of my friends who made fun of me the rest of the night. I also have a t-shirt (a really ugly one) from the town where my first novel takes place, which I have threatened my friends, much to their horror, that I will wear at my book launch should that book ever get published. I love this t-shirt. It reminds me of the first time I went to that town and the excitement I felt seeing the place I had written about.

I've moved on from my first series and have started a new set of books about faeries. But now I'm kind of bummed. Do you know what does not exist? (At least not to my knowledge) A funny t-shirt about faeries.

There are funny shirts for writers in general:

There are funny shirts if you write about zombies:

There are funny shirts if you write about ninjas:

Or wolves:

Or pirates:

And, of course, vampires:

Then there are just t-shirts that make me laugh:

What's my point? I want a funny t shirt about faeries. Badly. That's where you come in. Make me up a funny saying about faeries that I can put on a t-shirt. And keep it PG, my peeps (so I can actually wear it). Best one will win the t shirt of their choice from those shown above (Don't worry, it will be new. I'm not going to get it out of my closet).

Also, I know some of you (like me) don't like to have to think too hard to enter a contest. So, I will be picking a second random winner out of a hat (or I will use one of those sites I'm always hearing about that helps you fairly pick winners). Points as follows: 3 points if you already follow me here (on my blog). 3 points if you already follow me on twitter. 2 points for any new followers here (meaning, today or after). 2 for any new on twitter. 2 points if you blog about this contest. 1 point if you leave a comment. (Oh, and if you want to enter the contest you have to comment. I'm not going to just put all my followers in the drawing unless you say you want to be in it.) 1 point if you tweet about this contest.

This contest will end next Friday. Good luck.


  1. I'm glad I have a whole week. I'll need time to think about that.

    I hope your book that got you your agent - sells. But isn't it also exciting to be starting something new? And it will keep your mind off waiting. Right?

  2. I NEED that Ninja shirt, Kasie. NEED. I'm gonna have to be funny now, crap.

  3. Here's my t-shirt slogan about faeries:
    What do you call a gay dentist?
    A tooth fairy.

  4. Oh, it is ON. And you didn't say only one entry, so I am ABSOLUTELY TAKING ADVANTAGE.

    Faerie, Fairy, Faery, Fey--Any way you spell it, Faeries kick vampires pale, white butts.

    I'm Faery, Faery Cute

    Fairy Awesome

    Back with more later...and there WILL be more.

  5. First Attempts:

    Don't Touch The Wings. I just had them waxed.

    Faeries aren't tiny. Humans are just ginormous.

  6. I need that vampire shirt. Those vamps are the cutest, frikkin things!

    And now to think... can faeries really be that funny? Hmm...

    Okay. Here's one:

    "Faeries Aren't Funny"

    Bwahaah! Which is funny for some reason. =?


    "There is NOTHING funny about faeries"


    "Faeries are NO laughing matter"

    I'm cracking myself up now.

    I'll try to think of more...

    meanwhile I am soo blogging this and retweeting...from EFG! =D

    And how, may I ask, did you get twice as many followers and over 3,000 more blog hits since the last time I visited? Where are you pimping yourself out? I need more validation.

  7. Okay, some more:

    Eat My Dust (with a cute faerie silhouette in the background)

    I like my men short, winged, and handsome.

    You think our government sucks? Try living under the Faerie Courts.

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  9. There's some stiff competition here. You people are all way too funny and smart. You're giving me a complex. Stop it already! Now I have to go think! Back in jiffy.

  10. I love the cow shirt. Too funny!

    I'm awful at creative contests too. thanks for not making me think.

  11. Holy Cow, I already want to make a t-shirt out of all of them. I might end up with 20 faerie t-shirts. lol How am I going to pick?

  12. Okay - Natalie is SO going to win this! Is it even worth trying? Wait...I'm a cheer princess! Think positive, think positive, think positive.

    I'm a FAIRY good writer!

    Ugh! That's awful. I need some time to think. Only a week you say? Hmmmmm.

  13. Size doesn't's Wing Span baby.

    Call me Sugar Plum one more time...[with sparkly fairy shaking tiny balled up fist menacingly]

  14. I loved those t-shirts, so funny! I'm already a faithful follower and below is the best I can come up with...for now:

    "Got Wings?"

  15. yeah, I definitely want to try my hand at this!
    to the drawing board!

  16. I love the T-shirts! I'm a new follower and I've tweeted about it @ :>

    *goes off to think of a funny design*

  17. I'm a new follower, and I will be a new follower on twitter (in a minute). I will also tweet the contest.

    I'm gonna go for random. Thanks! :)

  18. Current follower here.

    Ok, here's my attempt:

    (this one has a picture)Picture two fairy's in a car, next to another car of fairy's, one of them is saying to his/her friend who's driving "dust em"

  19. Oh my garsh, I love those t-shirts. One of my favorite funny t-shirts: "My pirate can beat up your ninja." Hahahaha

    I'll ponder the faerie thing and come back. Hmm. Faeries...

  20. Okay, I can't come up with a single T-shirt, but my mind has been exploding (not literally) with ideas for books faeries could write. So for no contest, or reason what-so-ever I'm going to share them with you.

    Self Help:
    It's Not the Size of the Faerie in the Fight it's the Size of the Fight in the Faerie (okay, this one could work for a t-shirt too)

    Spring How to Manual:
    What Your Parents Never Told You About the Birds and the Bees

    Disney and the Propagation of Gender Typecasting Among Young Sprites.

    Gather Honey and Get Some Sugar

    We Are All But Leaves on the Same Tree of Life

    I think I could go on and on, but I guess I should stop avoiding what I'm supposed to be doing right now, which is finishing my book!

  21. Those are hilarious. Good luck with your first contest.

  22. Current, very unfunny follower here. :) As much as I would love to throw something out, I won't shame myself with bad jokes. :P

  23. Why not? I totally shamed myself. That was the most uncreative I've ever been, I think. Dang.
    So far, I think I love Candice's the best! Those rock! You could even do a whole list of all her ideas on a shirt with the title of the list like "Faerie Library" or something...

    Just thought of another...

    "I wish I had faerie WHEEEngs" with a picture of a faerie flying, arms out like Peter Pan.

    Or this one:
    "Ha ha. Faerie funny."

    dang. Why can't I get passed that word?

  24. Britten, you didn't shame yourself, I was totally laughing. I've been laughing all day at everyone's. I'm glad I did this contest. It's entertaining me greatly (and we all know that is the number one goal here). :)

  25. Got another one:

    have a picture of a row of faeries sitting on a branch all with their backs to the viewer and each one has a long tail hanging down the back of the branch. This would be cute as a sihlouette. You could leave it blank or the back of the shirt or bottom of the front could say "Faerie Tails" or "Faerie Tales".


  26. Lol! The t-shirts were great-- my fav is the 'I just want to be friends with NY' shirt :-)

    Everybody's entries are cracking me up, especially Bitten's "There's NOTHING funny..." line! Nothing makes me laugh faster than being told not to!

  27. I shouldn't have read all the other entries because now I've lost my confidence...

    "Glitter is the new black" with a picture of a faerie so it makes sense, if it makes sense at all.

    "Tinkerbelle is a sell-out."

    "Faeries: They bite."

    That's all I can come up with. I guess I'll hope for a random win.

    Also, those shirts rock. I have quite a collection myself.

  28. I just thought of another one.

    A pic of a faerie with a speech bubble that says, "Back off, I bite."

    I'm not sure why I'm so convinced that faeries bite...

  29. I used to wear (until my husband took it away) a t-shirt that read: HOMICIDE - Our Day Begins When Your Day Ends.
    :) I loved it. I wore it. I got weird looks, and more questions than you would believe. ('Did you work for Homicide?' Noooo. 'Is that supposed to be funny?' Yes?) Apparently, some people found it tasteless. Hmm.
    Anyhow - AWESOME contest. I am going to blog about it at And I am going to stew on a Faerie-fantastic slogan. Good luck everyone!

  30. Ok, I'll play. How about:

    "I do believe in fairies...Without fairy dust I'd never get my fat butt out of bed." Or..(since I seriously doubt you have a fat butt) "I'd never get my husband's butt off the couch."

    Ok, my next one is kind of bad, and it would probably get you beat up, but I'll say it anyway, just don't think I'm a bad person.

    "I do believe in fairies...I've been to San Francisco"

  31. LOLOL! I'm laughing so hard at Nikki's!!!! Well, all of them are AWESOME, Seriously! How fun!

    Okay, here are my attempts..

    Just Wing It

    It's fairy obvious you have no imagination

    I've been Captivated by fairies!


    Captivated by Faeries (Can I design the wings for this one? I so picture a large glittery outline of fairy wings behind that saying)

    Kasie's Faeries Captivated My Heart <--No wait! That was Thad!

    Thad can flutter my wings anytime.

    Fairy kisses are magical

    Sheesh, these are more romantical than funny--hang on, let me see--

    Do you believe in love at first sight, or do i have to fly by again?

    Eat your Heart out Tink! Thad is MINE!

    Fairies VS Vampires:
    Fairies are gorgeous
    Fairies are allowed to sparkle
    Fairies can fly
    Fairies are magical
    Fairies REALLY are vegetarians!

    Thad VS Edward
    Thad is hot
    Thad sparkles
    Thad is hot
    Thad can fly
    Thad is hot
    Thad's kisses are warm & fluttery
    Thad is hot
    Thad REALLY is a vegatarian!
    Oh, yeah & Thad is HOT!

    Elodie + Thad = Fluttery Wings 4ever!

    I <3 Thad!

    Back off! My <3 belongs to a guardian!

    You can guard my wings anytime!

    Okay, now I entered yours... you MUST help me with my contest Kasie--i need a theme for my launch party! Congrats on your first contest, btw! You ROCK!


  32. everytime a baby cries, a fairy gets its wings.

    love the shirts.

    *Fairy Dust*

  33. I'm not feeling fairy creative, so unless I get a great idea, this is my random. I have to say I'm a fan of Natalie's 'humans are ginormous.'

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  35. For me, a shirt that says "My wife loves Fairies. (Wait! I don't mean me, I mean... nevermind.)"

  36. Hello! I'm a new subscriber. Here are my first (if not only) entries.

    (Image of a pressed fairy)
    Charming little creature? Or firefly from hell? Too late to tell!

    It's hard to think happy thoughts
    when you look like bird food

  37. Picture of a fairy, frowning, with the caption:

    I don't believe in humans


    picture of a fairy, smiling, with the caption:

    I believe in humans.

  38. Hehe, fun contest! Sadly, I can't think of a thing...right now.

  39. Did I say I'd love to enter the contest? Because I totally do. I'm still working on a good t-shirt idea, but if that doesn't pan out, I'd love to be entered in the random drawing!

    Oh, and I am in the process of pimping your contest on my blog :-)

  40. Jared's takes the cake! I'm still laughing.

  41. Alright! So, I am a long time Kasie fan, both here and on twitter. I posted a link to the contest on my blog, and twitter, and I'm commenting!

    I have yet to channel my creativity. I'll be back if I think of some cute shirt ideas. So far, it seems like everyone else pretty well has it covered.

  42. Okay, here's my fairy shirt submission.

    "Edward's a biter. Faeries sparkled first!"

    Great contest!
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