Friday, January 15, 2010


(In which I realize I know nothing about computer generated drawings so decide to waste a tree instead)

So because I fall short in the computer knowledge category, I did the random drawing the old fashioned way. I wrote all your names on scraps of paper and put them in a bowl. Of course, some of you had more scraps than others based on the points system. And after writing the hundredth name down, my handwriting started to look like that of a two-year-old. I began to wonder if I was going to be able to read the name I ended up drawing. Fortunately, I could. The winner of the random drawing is:

screen name: sraasch from see sara write. Congrats! Sara. I'll be emailing you to get your t-shirt pick and address.

Now, this next part was really hard. REALLY hard. I liked all of the entries. I'm going to mention a few that didn't win, but that I adored. I loved how a few of you (I think Kiersten started it) used the word "faerie" instead of "very". So cute. I loved the Faeries vs. Vampire debates. (And of course I loved that the faeries always won). Jade was cracking me up with her notion that faeries bite (which made me laugh because some of my faeries do). I loved the "Got Wings" by Kath and the "Just Wing It" by Jenni. Suzanne your, "Call me Sugar Plum one more time" had me laughing. Voidwalker, if it was up to my husband you would've won. Ann, the thought of a pressed faerie had me both shuddering and laughing. Britten, the "faerie tails" imagery had me wondering how I was going to make that my book cover or website header. I loved it. Trishtash, your "I don't believe in Humans" almost won. It was my second place pick. My point is, I thought it would be easy to pick a clear winner, but there were so many I would want to put on a shirt that I've been stressed all week about which one I was going to pick. But in the end, I could only pick one and that one is:

"Faeries aren't tiny. Humans are just ginormous" by Natalie Whipple

I thought this was very clever. And there is just something about the word "ginormous" that makes me laugh. Plus if you know my family, we're all kind of giants. My husband is 6'8". All my children are going to be super tall. My brothers are both 6'4" And my faeries are these tiny little things. I just love the idea of faeries being normal sized and humans being the freaks.

Natalie, I'm pretty sure I know which t-shirt you want, but I'll be emailing you anyway to make sure.


  1. Yes!!!!! I'm going to wear my ninja shirt EVERY DAY.

  2. Natalie! Congratulations! How exciting!! :)

  3. Congrats Natalie and Sara! I love all those you listed. What fun.

  4. Awesome! Congrats Natalie and Sara! So many great ideas... I may just have to do something similar on my blog. ;)

  5. Congratulations. You are all so creative.. What I want to know is are all the names spelled with that nice of printing. If so, no wonder you had writers cramp.

  6. Congrats to Sara and Natalie.

    Kasie, your contest was awesome! So much fun!

  7. Congrats Natalie and Sara! I LOVE the t-shirt slogan. That is too cute!

  8. YAY! This was so much fun Kasie! I think you need to do A LOT more contests... Ahem. Just sayin... *wink*

    Congratulations Natalie and Sara!!!


  9. "Ann, the thought of a pressed faerie had me both shuddering and laughing." That's what I'm good at!

    Congrats, Natalie. I hope Kasie shows us a picture of her new shirt when its made.

    Kasie, thank you for holding this contest. It was a blast.

  10. Congrats!

    And yes, the word "ginormous" has always made me smile.

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