Monday, August 23, 2010

Maddeningly Unhelpful Advice--The key to a clean house

Send your kids to school. The end.

Okay, not the end. School starts today. Three of my four children will be gone all day. I usually celebrate this day as the day the fighting ceases, the day the teachers take over the title of tattle-tale referee, the day my house stays cleaner for longer periods of time. But today my oldest starts Junior High. When did that happen? And the me that normally dances around my house having a "my kids are back in school" party-for-one is suddenly quite somber. I'm trying to figure out why. Is it because:

a. I'm realizing that in order to have a child in Junior High I must be getting old.
b. My first born is about to start the two years of life that should be skipped over or repressed.
c. In two years I will have no children left at home.
d. All of the above.

Yes, I gave you a back to school quiz.

Hopefully by this time next week, I will have made it through the first week of Junior High and all will be well.


  1. I'm going with all of the above, but I'm thinking if you do enough of that dancing, the somber will make a run for the hills.

    If all else fails, go freak out a horse. That always makes you feel better. :)

  2. I'm going with "all of the above" too. It's so bittersweet!

  3. All of the above with an emphasis on b. No child should have to endure Jr. High. Ugh. Give your lovely daughter a big old Aunt Candi hug from me.

  4. Definitely all of the above, although having all your children at school does have its benefits.

  5. My son will never be in Junior High. He will always be four so I don't have to worry about it ever. I choose D.

  6. I know what you mean! My oldest started junior high last year and it was awful. I wish she could go back to elementary school, things were so much simpler there.

    And btw, I'll go with everyone else and guess d:)

  7. d. all of the above. I know how you feel. My oldest starts his senior year tomorrow. I am kind of freaked out.

  8. I'm going with all of the above, although you are SO not old enough to have a middle-schooler. :)

    Also, I started weeping when I read the opening, because I wish I could clean my house (or write, or workout) while the kids are gone, but alas, "back to school" includes me. Waaaaah!

  9. It's okay, just breathe. I have been through it three times already. I now have a Junior, and two Freshmen. I also have a First grader, so I guess I am a little spread out. lol Best wishes.

  10. My Wife would totally get all that you are saying!