Friday, October 1, 2010

The Cootie Catcher

I don't think that's what we called it in my day (we didn't need any fancy device to catch our cooties) but this is what my daughter came home with yesterday, spouting off "fortunes" for us all--after we worked for it, of course, by picking a color and 3 numbers. It made me wax nostalgic (I do that now and again, it's not as painful as those two words make it sound). But I was even able to make a few "cootie catchers" for my other daughter *ahem* FROM MEMORY. Can you tell I was pretty impressed with myself?

So do you want to hear my first 3 fortunes I received straight from my daughter's catcher?
-Fortune Number 1: You are deeply hated. (In actuality, I was deeply offended, but I'll save that discussion for my future therapist)

-Fortune Number 2: You will be in jail in five years. (What?!? "Does it say what I'm going to do to get there?" I asked her)

-Fortune Number 3: You will have 9 babies. ("How accurate is this particular catcher? Does it have a percentage of successful predictions?" I wanted to know because I could live with my first two fortunes, but 9 babies??!!!)

Finally, I asked my daughter if there were any good fortunes and she read me the rest which included:
-You are a tree hugger (??)
-You have powers (why couldn't I have gotten that one?)
-You are crazy (only sometimes)
-You are deeply loved (oh, good, my daughter has at least a little bit of humanity in her soul)

Have you gotten any good fortunes lately?


  1. Ha ha! I remember making those when I was in elementary school. Too fun! :-)

  2. I love her options. That's a girl after my own heart.

  3. I don't know about fortunes, but I was very fortunate to read a most excellent book this week. So, I'll count myself more fortunate than you with being hated, going to jail, and having nine children (Yikes!). :)

  4. No, but can I say that this post made me crave Chinese food? What's up with that?

    *goes off in search of fortune cookies*

  5. My daughter brings home those sometimes. I don't remember my fortunes but would have if they were as "interesting" as yours. I think I'm jealous (except for #3, uh, no thank you).

  6. I loved those things in Elementary! Though, my fortunes weren't that creative!:)

  7. Wow, I hope the three bad fortunes aren't true. ;)

    I used to collect fortune cookie fortunes, but now I leave the cookies unopened. Been there. Done that.

  8. Where have you been? My latest fortune said something about my nemesis accomplishing her greatest dream. (A dream that didn't involve my demise, I'm pretty sure.)

  9. omg I died. Hilarious.

    The last one is GOOD - it means you'll write nine novels!