Monday, February 7, 2011

Maddeningly Unhelpful Monday--A better way to spend $200

I enjoy watching football. It's a pleasant way to pass the time. I like to root for a team (usually the underdog) and have been known to groan out loud or even yell at the players on occasion. But this is nothing. I know there are some serious football fans out there. Fans that would do anything for their team and never miss watching a game. And I get that. I have a serious thing for cream cheese. Fill a brownie with it and there isn't much I wouldn't do to make it mine.

So I understand, football fanatics, that you would want to go see your team play at the ultimate of all games. But standing out in the parking lot? Really? Does it even count as going to the Superbowl if you can't see the field? And actually paying good money, a lot of good money, to stand out in the freezing cold parking lot? Seriously?

Just in case this occurred because you had nothing better to spend your money on, I offer you my top five ways on how to better spend two hundred dollars.

5. Pretty much on anything else. Especially if it is something you can eat, wear, or actually hold in your hands.

But if you don't want something for your about:

4. Give it to me.

Or if you don't want to give away your money for absolutely nothing...

3. You can watch the Superbowl at my house. I will turn off the heater if it is the "atmosphere" you're craving. I'll put on a cheese hat and yell really loud, too. I'll even stand in front of you so you have a hard time seeing the television.

Totally non-football related...

2. You could buy about fifteen books. (There are even some books that have people playing football in them.)

1. You could buy about ten snuggies. Or ten perfect brownie pans (if you do buy 10, please consider giving one to me). Or five snuggies and five perfect brownie pans. Heck, just have a home shopping network buying spree.

See, look at all these amazing options. So next time you're tempted to buy some standing space in a parking lot to watch television, give me a call and I'll talk you out of it.

What would you buy with $200?


  1. I'm so not a sports fan, I had no idea this occurred. That's crazy. Is it just so you can say you "went to the Super Bowl"?

    Anyway, I think your suggested other uses are valid. Especially #4, which is what I think every time my husband is watching a poker show and I see those players betting $50,000 (or more) a hand. :-)

  2. LOL! I wonder how people can cough up that kind of monies for something like parking lot "fun."
    Personally, I would spend it on just about anything else.

  3. I thought Superbowl tickets were way more expensive than that! If I watch for the right fare, that would just about get me a plane ticket to Cali! That's what I would spend my 200 bucks on.

  4. Crazy people! I think I'd books. And more books. Will you be at LTUE? I hope to see you there.

  5. I'm a huge sports fant, well - basketball fan - not football, and I would never stand out in the cold to listen to a game or even watch a game. I guess I'm too anti social or just smart.

  6. I would never pay to stand in a parking lot and freeze to death! Totally not worth it. I don't care if it was my favorite team playing. (Go Packers!) I still wouldn't do it.
    And if I had $200? I'd totally spend it on books. Or a laptop. Or, put it toward a laptop... :)

  7. I've never understood the whole tail-gating concept. Me? I like the idea of viewing from the comfort of my own living room. Probably because I'm not a huge football fan either. Now if it was the Yankees' that's a whole new ball game. (Hugs)Indigo

  8. I think Snuggies were invented for writers. Who else needs to free their hands up while being lazy? I would not stand out in the freezing cold for anything, not even brownies with cream cheese. That's why I moved to Texas where it's warm.

  9. Linda, yes, I agree, four is definitely the best. And your 50,000 sounds better than my 200.

    Candy, me too!

    Candi, To actually get inside the stadium is a lot more than 200 bucks. This was just for the parking lot. :)

    Angie, *ahem* I think I do spend that much on books, constantly. :) Yes, I'm going to LTUE. I'll see you there!

    Patti, I'm going to say you're smart.

  10. Chantele, yes, put it towards a laptop. Totally worth it. :)

    Indigo, Me too! I'd much rather be warm and get the best views of the game provided by the perfect camera angle.

    Tricia, lol Sunday! Hello? :)

    Jessie, yes, I agree, snuggies were invented for writers........ And I hate to tell you, but this parking lot full of crazy freezing fans? ........ It *was* in Texas. Sorry. You must've brought the cold with you (have you moved yet?) or it knew you were coming and was preparing. :)

  11. I'd only stand in the freezing cold like that for my kids, and if one of my them was playing in that game, I better have a seat in the stands. Crazy.

  12. For the record, I'm officially taking you up on your offer. You can expect me the first Packers game of next season. Totally worth $200 to watch you yelling at your t.v. and wearing a cheesehead hat.

    It's happening.

    Get on board.

  13. I'd definitely buy books.

    I've never watched football, so I don't understand this.

  14. I whole heartedly agree about saving the money or handing it over. lol I would buy books. It is a weakness, but if I had that coin laying around there would be no stopping me.

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