Monday, April 18, 2011

Maddeningly Unhelpful Monday--Busted

So my 4 year old son has this bad habit of stealing my 10 year old daughter's Nintendo DSI while she's at school. With four kids, I'm not usually the kind of mother that allows my children to lay claim to toys. Once a toy has been absorbed into our home, it becomes community property. The DS is a little different, though, because my kids have to spend their own money if they want one. And so my daughter saved up all her hard earned cash for over a year and was finally able to purchase one. But because I am a horrible mother and it keeps my son entertained for a little while during the day, if he emerges from her room with the Nintendo DSI, I let him play it, with the strict warning that he put it back as soon as he's done (so that we don't get in trouble).

Every day, though, my daughter calls me out. "You let him play on my DSI, Mom. Don't let him do that anymore."

"Yes, I'm sorry, he did find it. Maybe you should hide it better," I always say back.

"Don't let him play it anymore."

"I will try not to let him play it."

But sure enough the next day, he finds it again, and I tell him again, "Put it right back, exactly where you found it, as soon as you're done." (I know, I'm so bad.)

Just when I'm starting to think my daughter has some sort of sixth sense or special connection with her DSI, she tells my husband one day, "Dad, I know he stole it. He always takes tons of pictures of himself with it." She proceeds to scroll through several silly-faced pictures of my son, his tongue sticking out and his innocent expression showing him unaware that he is providing proof of his criminal act. It made me laugh so hard to see that little face, like a virtual finger print, all over her screen.

Now, can I relate this story to writing somehow? Hmm......nope. Besides that might be too helpful.

Have any funny kid stories to share? Kids make me laugh.


  1. That is so funny! Kids provide continual entertainment.

    We have the communual property rule at our house too. It's hard enough to keep them from fighting without the added contention over who can play with what.

    That is great that your daughter payed for her own DSI. We've told our kids the same thing but so far none of them have even come close to getting one. Not enough drive I guess. (And I totally let my two year old play with his siblings stuff while they are gone. You know, the what they don't know won't hurt them rule.:)

  2. Haha, I love it... that would so be what I would do. Leave a sign saying "It was me!" So far, I have my kids convinced that I will always know when they lie to me, so all I have to do is ask and stare them down and they'll confess everything. It's kind of awesome.

    I dread the day they figure it out. :P

  3. Ha ha! :) This morning I told my son he could play the Wii at a certain time. He went up and got his watch, and has been telling me what time it is about every 5 minutes. I love it how he has made the time go even slower for me today! lol :)

  4. Aren't kids fun. I know what you mean about them having a toy that they bought themselves. My boys bought their own ipod touch, but their sister is constantly nagging them to play with it. It's hard not to say "just let her have it for a few minutes."

  5. Wow, talking about incriminating evidence.

    Funny story? My daughter was three and fidgeting like crazy in the back of the car. I finally turned around and scolded, "Sit still."

    No, I wasn't a mean mom. This was the kind of fidgeting where they're no longer buckled in and pretending to be a wave back and forth in the seat.

    It got real quiet for all of maybe 2 minutes. Then I heard her ask, "How am I supposed to sit still if the car is moving."

    I lost it and had all I could do not to burst out laughing. Wise for her age, never outgrew it either. Just one of the reasons I loved the fact I didn't go deaf until after she grew up. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. Lol, kids are hilarious! My son is only 18 months old, but he gives me plenty of laughs. The other day, he was very excited about showing me a spider he was torturing. Ew!

  7. Thank you for the much needed laugh today. Ah the innocence of a child.

  8. hahaha, that's too funny. :)

    Reminds me of the time my daughter colored all over my son's wall. When I confronted her, she tried to claim it was all her brother. Trouble was, she had practiced her new skill of writing her name. Right in the middle of the drawings.

  9. One of the women I used to work with had a small son in his early toddler years. He was teaching himself to climb on chairs to get to the table and counters in the kitchen when I left that internship, but she still says she yells for him to get down from the other room. So now he's learning that Mommy Knows Everything.

  10. That is too funny! I love the funny things kids say and do. My boys are constantly making us laugh, but of course I can't think of a great example right now. It's more their facial expressions and tones of voice and stuff like that a lot of time.

  11. I can always tell when Benjamin has had a "midnight snack" because there are crumbs all over his sheets. I love it when kids think they are being sneaky. Or in this case, parents too. I'm not sure if this is more a case of your son getting or you.

  12. I LOVE how you let him keep playing, but told him to put it back exactly how he found it. C'mon, kid, work with me here!

    Mine is kind of like Renee's. My oldest daughter wrote her little sister's name all over the bunk bed, thinking it would keep her free from blame, but her sister didn't know how to write yet. You should've seen Jenna's face when I got a pen and paper for Halle and asked her to write her name. All she did was scribble, and Jenna knew then that she was totally busted.

  13. LOL! Kiddos are endlessly entertaining, aren't they? My son is four years younger than my daughter, and he used to co-opt her video games all the time when he was between 4 and 5 years old. Used to drive her crazy. Once he started getting his own, she began to see the benefits of sharing. ;)

  14. Ruth, Exactly! What they don't know won't hurt them. :)

    Jenn, how did you do that? My kids think I don't know anything.

    Chantele, Oh, yes, kids have a way of making time pass slower (especially in the car). :)

    Patti, I know, it's almost enough to make me not want them to save their own money for things. Ha!

    Indigo, LOL Clever daughter you have (even at 2). :)

  15. Shallee, ew is right. :) Kids just love bugs.

    Linda, Oh, good. And I'm sure you have lots of funny kid stories from when your boys were little.

    Renee, Ha! That's funny. They think they're being so sly.

    K., lol Smart woman to make her kids think she knows all. I need to do that more often.

    Sara, I always forget stories when put on the spot. :)

  16. Candi, ew, crumbs in the bed. That's the worst. I know from experience. :) I need to stop eating in bed. And you tell your son I told him he could have anything he wants. :)

    Jeigh, I love that story. My kids haven't done that one yet, but I'm sure it's coming. :)

    Linda, Oh, so they might actually learn to share one day? Hmm, what a concept. :)

  17. I used to pinch my (then) toddler daughter's bare butt and say, "You naked thang."

    One day when I was in a dept. store dressing room trying on clothes, she said loudly, "You naked thang." Of course there was laughter, just not from me.

  18. Years ago on a Mother's Day I think, before I had kids and took a gazillion pictures on my phone, I left my phone on the train to Westchester. So when I realized it was gone, I called it, and goatee guy, the guy who'd been sitting across from me answered and said he'd taken it.

    Turns out he lived/worked in the city, so we made arrangements and I went to his workplace to pick up my phone.

    Months later, I was showing my friend something in the few pictures I had and we were scrolling through them and all of a sudden I came to about 5 pictures of people I'd never seen making goofy faces. Sure enough, it was goatee guy and, presumably, his family.

    I always vowed that if I found a phone I was going to do that before giving it back. So far that opportunity hasn't arisen. I'm biding my time though.

    Kudos to your 4yo. Not very sneaky, but pretty awesome.

  19. Michelle, That's hilarious. I can see why you have made this your goal in life. I, too, would want to pay that special gift forward. Funny stuff.