Monday, May 16, 2011

Maddeningly Unhelpful Monday--Obsessed

So, I've gotten more comments/emails/phone calls about my last Monday "Duck Post" than any other post before. Which makes me wonder: What is wrong with you people?!? A duck's life hung in the balance, children were in the process of being scarred for life. What was so funny about that?

Just kidding. I left out the part in my post where I was laughing so hard that my daughter threatened to throw her iTouch at me. So, yes, I'm glad we all found the situation amusing. All that matters is the duck is safe. Right? We don't have to feel bad about our laughter because the duck is safe.

Now, on to today's post.

Welcome to my new obsession:

Like with most things, I'm probably late to the party. But have you played this game yet? It meets all the requirements of a great game: Plotting, Tension, and Zombies trying to eat your brains. (I know, the requirements are pretty specific so you can imagine how excited I was when I found a game that fits them.) It's awesome. You have to find the right plants to plant at the right time and in the right place that will hopefully kill the zombies before they invade your house and eat your brains.

I started playing it yesterday and am ashamed to admit that I ended up playing it for nine million hours or until the battery on my iPhone ran out. My husband kept trying to look over my shoulder, saying, "What are you playing?" "Shhhh," I'd hiss, "I have to kill the zombies." An hour later, "Are you still playing that dumb game?!" This is where I would've backhanded him across the stomach for such blasphemy, but I was too busy killing the disco-dancing zombie.

So, when you are all addicted to this game, I just want you to remember who helped you on your way to being extremely unproductive. Me.


  1. Since I have nothing better to do today, I'll give it a try. It's not like my kids need clean clothes or a fork to eat dinner with tonight. ;)

  2. Ha! You know? My hubby's addicted to a similar game he plays on his iPhone, and I always listen these weird noises coming from where he is, like, "bang" "whee" "Boom." Now maybe he'll hear those noises from me ;P

  3. Ha ha! How funny. I don't have a cool phone, so I'm obviously missing out!

  4. *sticks fingers in ears* La, la, la...I can't HEAR you!

    I do not need another addictive time-waster in my life. Social networking is bad enough. ;)

  5. My son told me about that one. I have tried to stay far, far away!

  6. LOL it's so funny you're blogging about this! This is the most popular game at my workplace right now. Everyone is planting flowers and killing zombies while in between steps in our bio experiments.

  7. I got this game a year ago! Then I got a friend addicted during English lecture. heheh

    The disco zombie used to resemble Michael Jackson and dance the Thriller dance, but they changed that in the "game of the year" edition, which makes me sad.

  8. Ruth, Ha! Exactly!

    Monica, actually he'll hear the groaning of zombies saying, "Braaaains." It's a little creepy.

    Chantele, get a cool phone. Just for this game. :)

    Linda, lol I know, right? As if I needed another addiction.

    Angie, you are smarter than me. :)

    Linda, It doesn't surprise me at all that this game has taken over the workplace. Soon, brains everywhere will be gone. :)

    K. Howard, Michael Jackson?!? Oh man. I'm bummed and I didn't even get to play it that way. Why did they take him away??

  9. For those without the iPhone (such as myself), there's a PC version that's even cooler! :)

    Does the iPhone have the Zen Garden? I have NEVER won a pumpkin. NEVER!

  10. Robin, A PC version?!? Oh no. You've increased my unproductiveness ten fold.

  11. LOL--surely you can take a few weeks off before writing the sequel! (Or does a publication contract come with NO benefits?) :)