Monday, July 4, 2011

Maddeningly Unhelpful Monday--Zombies and Clean Closets

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

I just got back from out of town last night and now I'm off to girls' camp with my daughter today. Wish me luck. Camping with 150 teenage girls is fun, but exhausting. Mainly because of the fact that putting them together like that somehow makes them be able to live on less sleep. I don't know how they do it. Maybe they suck all of the energy out of anyone over 25. That's why by the end of the week all the adults will look like zombies and all the girls will look just as beautiful as ever.

Every time I go out of town my husband thinks he can turn me into an organized person and cleans my closet. I love it. But the only thing it makes me do is realize that I need to go out of town more so that my closet will be cleaned. So if you want to have a clean closet, marry an organized person and tell him you're perfectly fine with his organizational intervention when you are gone. Or I guess you can clean it, but that's not nearly as fun.


  1. I love girls camp! I'm not going this year, but I went for the last two years. But I know what you mean about the sleeping. Last year someone gave me some fantastic advice: turn out all the lights and read to the girls at bedtime. I read them picture books every night and I was shocked by how fast they went to sleep. Good luck this week and have fun!!

  2. Girls camp is awesome! I'm pretty sure I wasn't nearly as cool and hilarious as the girls when I was that age. Have loads of fun!

    Also, my husband rearranges furniture while I'm gone. They're just bored without us.

  3. I'm actually going to an all-girls camp this August (fifth year in a row!) and I can't wait. Best of luck.

    The other option is to not go out that often and tell your husband he can do intervention even when you're NOT out of the house!

  4. Have fun at camp and I did marry an organized person, but he won't touch my stuff, maybe I need to give him more hints.

  5. Neither myself nor my husband are organized... I guess that means our closets are a lost cause.

    I miss you, though! Come back now? Please?

  6. I went one year for a couple of days to help out in the infirmary, and the infirmary had mice. So I slept in my car. I'm so tough. My husband and I organize differently, so we don't touch each other's things. Sometimes I set my 19 month old loose on his DVD's. Which is sad for him, but she is just so happy.

  7. I am not a fan of girl's camp...but I would go in a minute if my husband would clean out my closet. Unfortunately he won't do that, he just rearranges the spice cabinet and the pantry...I don't like that.
    Where is the cinnamon? Where is the tumeric? What is tumeric?