Friday, September 2, 2011

The Lake of Misfit Fowl

It was time to say goodbye to Ding Dong (our pet duck). He had decided that our side yard was *his* side yard and took to making sure we all knew it. Mostly I think he was bored and needed to work off extra energy. (Much like a two year old who needs to throw a tantrum every day at four so that he'll sleep good that night.) Every time we would walk out the side door he would peck our toes and chase us. Now, I found this amusing when he just did it to the children (I know, I'm a mean mother) but when my neighbor showed up at my front door out of breath from having run from the attack duck, I knew we had to find a new, more suitable home for the duck.

It just so happens that a good friend of mine recently moved to a house that has a 2 acre, fenced in lake. It's pretty awesome. When I saw it and its two resident geese, I knew it was the place. I just hoped the geese wouldn't feel threatened (like the last set of ducks we tried to introduce him to) and let him into their club. After all, these geese are a little odd. One has a horn like protrusion on his head and the other has crazy, messed up wings. I thought my little orphaned duck would fit in with these other misfits. My friend's lake should be called: The Lake of Misfit Fowl.

So after catching the duck (I believe he sensed he was being banished because he would not let me catch him and my neighbor, seeing me through her window, looking like a fool, came over and helped me corner him. It was quite ridiculous, I'm sure, to watch two grown women chasing a duck) it went into a box and into the car. My four year old son was in charge of holding the box closed. Side note: Never put a four year old in charge of something that can actually effect the safety of the driver. Half way to our destination, the duck knocked over the box and flapped his way out. I screamed, my son laughed, and the duck spent the next ten minutes exploring the car, ending up at my elbow, drinking the water I had brought for myself out of the cup in the center console.

We made it without an accident though. Well, not a traffic accident. The duck had no problem using the floor of my van as a bathroom. I had never been so happy that my kids throw all their old school papers on the floor of the van, creating a nice paper barrier. (See, another incident of reinforcing my lack-of-cleaning behavior.)

This post is getting long. I will tell you the conclusion of the story on Monday. Does Ding Dong make it on Misfit Island...I mean, Misfit Lake? Or, like before, did I have to rescue him from murderous fowl and bring him back to terrorize our side yard? I know, it's a gripping tale.


  1. Ha ha ha! You are hilarious! I can totally picture two grown women trying to trap a duck in the corner! Thanks for the laugh! I can't wait to see what happens in the next installment of this adventure! :)

  2. This was hilarious! We had ducks growing up as well. They were good at keeping grasshoppers away. Trust me, we had a big field behind my house growing up. The ducks were worth it! Their mess, however, was another matter. Nasty!

    Can't wait to hear what happens next.

  3. Gripping tale indeed. Anxiously awaiting the conclusion!

    So funny:)

  4. Chantele, yeah, it was pretty ridiculous.

    Nicole, Their mess!!! I know!! It's awful. But they are nice with the bugs. So what would you rather have, bugs or crap? Hmmm. I'm thinking bugs at this point. lol But that's coming from someone whose duck lived right by their door. Ugh. :)

    Ruth, Will you last the weekend without knowing?? :)

  5. I'm betting that Ding Dong will make it to Misfit Lake, but in the meantime, will he be chased by the abominable snowman? That's what I really need to know.

  6. That's too funny. I'm glad you didn't wreck with the duck flapping around the van. Hope it all works out.

  7. I have ducks ALL OVER my apartment complex, so every time I see one I instinctively want to pet it. Then they run, and I think "Ducks like Kasie..." Then I get jealous and turn green and go buy a bunch of bread to bribe the ducks.

    Embrace the love of your duck friend. That kind of love don't come easy.

  8. Jeigh, ha! I'm white enough (and some think) tall enough to be the abominable snowman, so yes, yes he will. :)

    Angie, I know! Me too. :)

    Cynthia, yes, Ding Dong is well loved. :)

    Sara, LOL Yes, ducks like me a lot. Don't forget that. I am queen of the ducks. Ha! Just one duck likes me. The others still run.

  9. I was so afraid of the geese and ducks on our farm when I was little. They can be mean! Hope Dingy fits in.

  10. Hi Kasie, I learned of your blog through Natalie Whipple's interview with E.R. King, and now I'm left hanging, awaiting the fate of Ding Dong...

  11. Ha ha. You know, the duck has been great blog fodder. What are you going to do now that he's gone?

  12. I can tell that it has been too long since I've seen you when I just want to watch your duck in your van over and over... come to think of it, that sounds like a creepy stalker...ahem.

    So anyway, I hope Ding Dong is embraced by all the other misfit fowl, because everyone need to belong somewhere, right? :)