Friday, October 7, 2011

That's gross

For those of you who have been around my blog for a while, you'll remember I used to tell stories about the gross things my son did. After three daughters my son never fails to disappoint in giving me the true experience of having a boy. But today, I have a story on a little girl in my life. My three year old niece who I've decided must hate me. It's the only explanation. She is potty trained. Has been for at least six months now (maybe a year). But every time I watch her at my house, she has an "accident". I have accident in quotes because I'm starting to wonder if it really is an accident or a carefully planned plot to get back at me for some unknown past offense.

So I was watching her and her siblings Wednesday and for the second time in as many hours my niece had an "accident". My daughter called for me to come take care of it and I found the Mastermind standing in the kitchen in her jacket and rain boots (she had just come in from playing outside, which btw, it would've been so much nicer if she had her "accident" outside, but she didn't) looking all sweet and innocent. Seriously, she had a little coy smile on her face. I retrieved a towel, spread it out on the mess, and told her to sit down. I grabbed hold of one of her froggy rain boots and pulled. I'm not kidding when I say a waterfall of urine came rushing out, all over my bare feet. The rain boots had caught the "accident". So. Gross.

Seriously, this little girl is some sort of evil genius, right?


  1. LOL! Either that or she really likes the look on your face when you discover her "accidents." ;)

  2. Mwahahaha! That's what she was thinking as she watched the puddle of yellow flow onto your floor and skin. Well played, little girl.

  3. Oh man. You need to beat the evil genius at her own game. Maybe inform her that she now has to wear a diaper in your house, for safe keeping. That ought to throw her for a loop.

    (Do you like how mean I am willing to be to three year olds?)

  4. Kasie, you are HILARIOUS!!!! I used to babysit my niece all the time and every time her mom would drop her off at my house she will go poop. Seriously, even her mom thinks its Me or the house, idk, but it's no fun! lol.

  5. I had a one of those!!!! He never ever had an accident at other peoples houses. He never ever didn't have one at mine. I ended up secretly putting him in a diaper whenever he came over. I mean, my carpet and I could only take so much. Once your own kids are no longer peeing on it, you start getting all offended when someone elses does. And speaking of gross and your kids, I use the term good-gross now, a la your daughter. It's a very useful term.

  6. I'd so do the diaper idea, because that's just gross.

  7. I know it isn't funny right now but it will make the best story later....the evil genius children are the best stories

  8. When my little one was a tot, I was a summer Sunday school teacher for her age group (you can stop laughing now). And did you know devils can go to church? Because the group of kids I taught were all "supposed" to be potty trained. No actual lessons were taught in that class due to all the changing and cleaning going on.

  9. Gross! And sort of funny... But I'm sure it wasn't. Not. At. All. :)

  10. I LOVE your header and your entire blog.



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  12. Hahaha! Good thing all your nieces are so darn cute.

  13. Linda, I wouldn't doubt that. I do give her a pretty classic look. :)

    Ruth, that smug little smile she gives me, makes me think you might be right.

    Renee, My luck would be that the second I go out and buy them she would decide the game is over and then I'd be stuck with a pack of diapers at my house. But I like the way you think.

    Sunny, so you understand my pain. :) I guess I should count my blessings that she has not decided to poop all over my house.

    Heather, I know, right? That's funny how once our kids stop having accidents we get all protective of the carpet.

  14. Patti, :) I might have to take back my 'I will never buy another diaper again!' pledge I made when my son was potty trained and just do it. :)

    Donna, I have a feeling most of my life will be later told as jokes. :)

    Tricia, A whole classroom full of them?? Yeah, not good. :)

    Chantele, I can hear you laughing at me. It was not funny. :) My teenager was laughing pretty hard though, so I guess it might've been a little funny.

    Elizabeth, Thank you so much! Natalie Whipple drew my header. I like it a lot too. :)

    Cheap Flights, yes, LA is beautiful. But what are you going to do about my accident prone niece? Got any cheap diapers?

    Candice, this is true (and the know it). :)