Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Pop Quiz

Why is Kasie such a lazy blogger? (Very good question)

A. She doesn't think she has anything worth posting.

B. She can't do more than two productive things a day and ever since she started working out, her quota on productivity has been met.

C. She has been traveling a lot.

D. She has been writing a lot and all her creativity has been stolen and used up in her book.

E. She has been editing a lot and when she is editing she is extra critical of herself and thinks all the blog post ideas she comes up with are stupid.

F. All of the above.

Yes, the answer is F. And I get an F for this blog lately too. But, I am hoping to remedy this. As mentioned in B, I started working out and boy do I have some funny stories of me in some 'way too hard for my wimpy body' classes that I must share. Because we all like reading anecdotes of me making a fool of myself, right? Yes. We do. Plus, I've been reading a lot, so I have more reviews to share. Yay, this has been a blog post about how I'm going to have future blog posts! So satisfying.


  1. Yes, let's hear some funny stories. I never know what to blog about either and as soon as I hit publish I immediately regret it. Because of course it's a stupid post. :) Yours on the other hand, are always great.

    I passed the quiz by the way.

  2. Heh, I do blog posts about needing to blog more. We don't blame you though, sometimes coming up with posts is HARD, but I am looking forward to funny exercise stories now. :P

  3. I can totally relate to A, and wish I could relate to C.

  4. I'm totally with you on B. People expect way too much from us. ;-P

  5. Ruth, "yours on the other hand are always great" <-- I laughed so hard at that comment. :)

    Amanda, yes, funny exercise stories are the best. Especially if your goal is to look for excuses not to exercise. I will give you plenty of them. :)

    Patti, Yeah, I wish C had been to more exciting places, but just the standard trips. :)

    Jenn, I know, right? 2 is plenty. :)

  6. I agree with D. I never know what to post anymore. :P Glad to see your going to post more often though! Maybe... he he. ;)

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