Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Book Art!

So when I was planning my trip to New York to visit the Harper team, one of the things my agent said was, "You should come up with a fun little something to give them that relates to your book." And my mind filled with a buzzing noise to inform me it had absolutely no fun or clever ideas.

Then I started thinking about my characters. One of my characters is an artist. He draws comics. Now, I happen to have a good friend who writes/draws a comic. A really good one. You should check it out:

His name is Brock Heasley. He also writes books. This is his site:

Yes, as you can see, he has hogged a lot of talent. I think it's okay to hate him. Well, maybe I shouldn't hate him because he so graciously agreed to use his talent to make me a bookmark to hand out at my meeting with Harper:


Isn't it so cool? These are three of my main characters. Addie in the middle. And then the guys from her two different paths on either side, Duke and Trevor. I love it. Thanks so much, Brock! 


  1. That is pretty cool! I always wished I could draw superheros... But it's funny - when I read the summary of PP I always imagine Addie as brunette not blonde. To each their own I guess ;)

    1. I gave Kasie the chance to art direct this as much as she wanted, but she was very specific about Addie's "blonde, curly hair." I think brunette would have worked as well, but I admit drawing blondes is easier.

  2. Love it!! It's perfect for your book! And they all look awesome too. :) FUN.

  3. Ah, it's my dream one day to have a certain MS made into a graphic novel. These are so cool.

  4. Very cool! Brock is a fantastic artist. :)

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! And thank you, Kasie. I had a blast doing it. I'm so glad you're pleased.

  6. Ha! You have a Trevor too!!! Awesome--all of it!!!

  7. How fun! Congrats on getting some great book swag!

  8. I love these bookmarks!!! ANd yes, it was very difficult keeping all the Trevors straight. Theya re very different. But equally awesome.