Friday, January 18, 2013

Is There Another?

So now that the ARCs of Pivot Point have been out in the world (scary) and people have been actually reading it (so. strange.) I've been getting this question: Is there a book 2?

And the answer is, yes there is. It's actually already written. And already sent to copy edits. That is so weird to me. Before being in this stage of the process, I never realized that sequels are pretty much written and done before book 1 even comes into the world. I know it's different for all authors. Some have a tighter schedule and don't have 21 months to wait for their first book to come out. But 18 months to 2 years is a very normal wait. And in that time a lot of writing can happen. For me, I've written both the sequel and two contemporaries. It's nice to have all these written before the pressure of reviews come.

I think this next stage of writing for me is going to have to involve figuring out how to distance myself a bit from that pressure. Any ideas? How do you guys shut the world out while you write? Anyone have any good techniques? I need a 'chill out' playlist or something. Okay, leave me good, relaxing song suggestions that you like to listen to in the comments section. Ready? Set. Go.


  1. So as someone who is currently reading PP.... I suggest not reading reviews while you're writing Book 2. I think that helps. However sometimes I've heard that reading reviews can also help an author. I have a friend who took the things the readers were struggling with in Book 1 (at least according to their reviews) and really put emphasis on them in her 2nd book. And probably her 3rd. Just an interesting thing to note.

  2. (Okay. Super long comment alert.)

    I've heard of those lags, too, but that seems like a pretty big one!

    I would think shutting it out would be the same as it always is, right? When book is with betas: bury yourself in new project. When book is out with agents: bury self in new project. When book is in the world garnering reviews: bury self in new project.

    That said, I've never been at this stage yet myself. But I feel like these are all similar skillsets.

    As for chill music...yay! Here's some of my favs:

    Into Dust - Mazzy Star
    IO - Helen Stellar
    Rise - Azure Ray
    Is There A Ghost - Band of Horses
    Halocene - Bon Iver
    I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie
    Speed of Sound - Coldplay

    And then almost anything by The XX, Gregory & The Hawk, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova...ooh, I'll stop now :)

    Happy listening!

  3. I always love when celebs say they never read their own reviews... well as a writer, I'd have to say, "yeah, right"... Well, I as a writer, would also probably be obsessively pouring over reviews. But writers are naturally curious, right? ;) You've had some really great reviews, plus a lot raves from other respected authors and ARC worthy circles. I hope you know you're being well recieved and anticipation for your books is very HIGH. But I guess everyone fears that one bad review and it can be hard not to take it personally. I had a situation with a beta reader's review a while back, where I did let it totally wreck me for a day or two. Mostly because this person has been complimentary of my work in the past, and also I greatly value their opinion. But then someone not as close to the project, or to me, personally, pointed out, "of all the people holding this book right now, are any of the others saying these things?" It really helped me put it in perspective. I think that's all we can do. Either ignore it completely, or keep a handle on the obsessing. We all want to be liked and recognized for our hard work, talent and skill in lots of different aspects of our lives. Maybe we can't treat this one so differently... again, "yeah right... easier said than done!" ;)

    Best wishes, Kasie, I for one, can't wait, and I didn't need to read those reviews. :)

  4. I'm not a writer but I do get the distancing yourself from that pressure and shutting the world out while you write. In regard to what Rachel said, though not reading reviews might work for some, it might actually be good to check in with your readers and see what there thinking, what they love and things you could consider when working on the next book.

    Good, relaxing, 'chill out' music, huh? What about The Lumineers. I love them and it's good listening. The XX is also good :)