Thursday, July 21, 2016

Want to order a signed book?

Some of you have asked me if you can order a personalized copy of PS I LIKE YOU if you're not able to make it to my book launch next week because you live too far away or whatever other excuse you're going with. ;) And the answer is yes! If you call A Book Barn between now and next Thursday, July 28th (the day of my signing) and pay for a copy, plus shipping and handling ($3 for US residents.....$10 international) then I will sign it and personalize it with your name and a small message (if you want) and send it on to you! Plus, I will think you're super cool for wanting a signed copy of my book. :) Thank you! So here's the info you need to order:

A Book Barn phone number: (559)297-9052
                                    hours: 9am-6pm (PST)


  1. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up: I just called A Book Barn and the guy I spoke with asked me to call back on Monday, July 25, because the owner is away on vacation and did not give them the information about any of this. He said they should have more information come Monday.

    1. Thanks! He didn't let me know this. I thought he'd updated his staff. I'll do an update to the post. :)

  2. Oh, that is a bummer. Since i'm not from the US, it's both 1. Expensive to call there and 2. I am not awake during those hours :(

  3. Oh No. I am late to know about this.. :(

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  5. Hi Kasie if your reading this! I love your books so much especially Ps I like you! It's such a great book with very well developed characters!

  6. Hi Kasie! I really enjoy your books! I have read the Fill-in Boyfriend, The Distance Between Us,and By Your Side. I can not wait until I get my hands on P.S I Like You. Once I start reading, I can not stop smiling. When I finish the story, I can not help but want more. I become attach to the characters. I especially love light contemporary novels like yours. You are my go to author as all your books always satisfies my craving for love!