Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Upcoming Appearences

Have I mentioned I'm heading out into the world to show off my new baby book? I am! Starting *this* Friday, September 23rd when I'll be visiting Hicklebee's bookstore in San Jose at 7pm. Come see me.

In October, I hit the road with some of my favorite people, JR Johansson, Bree Despain, and Gretchen McNeil. Check out the graphic below to see if we'll be in your area. I can't wait to meet readers!


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  3. :( no where near me darn I wish....

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  5. Kasie, I discovered your books week ago and I fell in love! I already rode 4 of them and I can't wait for more! I love your style of writing. Lots of love from Polish fan��

  6. Hey Kasie I read P.S I Like You and it's really good. I like how they were so perfect for each other.I could tell who the letters were from.I wish this book could be turned into a movie it would be awesome. Of Course I would want to be Lilly.

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  9. You are my favorite author!!!! I love each of your books and have read each of them multiple times and am always more than satisfied after finishing them! I just wish they would never end! I think it is cool that you are from Fresno!!! I also live in the Central Valley. You have inspired me to write... thank you! And I want you to know I am probably one of your biggest fans:)

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  11. I read on the fence and it inspired ,e to write my own book. I love your work. That's it. Nothing special

  12. Me again,
    I think you should write a sequel to on the fence- please

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