Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Last March (right in the midst of covid) my thirteeth book came into the world!! I hope you've had a chance to read it! If not, here is the summary: 


 At sixteen, Hadley Moore knows exactly who she is—a swimmer who will earn a scholarship to college. Totally worth all the hard work, even if her aching shoulders don’t agree. 

So when a guy dressed as Hollywood’s latest action hero, Heath Hall, crashes her swim meet, she isn’t amused. Instead, she’s determined to make sure he doesn’t bother her again. Only she’s not sure exactly who he is. 

The swim meet isn’t the first event the imposter has interrupted, but a little digging turns up a surprising number of people who could be Heath Hall, including Hadley's ex-boyfriend and her best friend’s crush. She soon finds herself getting caught up in the mysterious world of the fake Heath Hall. 

As Hadley gets closer to uncovering the masked boy’s identity, she also discovers some uncomfortable truths about herself—like she might resent the long shadow her late brother has cast over her family, that she isn’t as happy as she pretends to be with her life choices…and that she's falling for the last guy she ever thought she would like.  


And for those of you who have read it and are hoping for a brand new book from me, you're in luck! Coming in 2021: SUNKISSED!! Stay tuned for a peek at the cover (which I love so much) and release date!


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  2. At the AR test site it says that moment of truth is the 3rd book,,,? is this a series, and if so what is 1 & 2?

    1. No, it's not a third book. It's just part of a little group of companion novels that share some of the same side characters. But they can be read in any order. The three books in that grouping are: Love, Life, and the List; Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss; and then Moment of Truth. But again, they can be read in any order and they don't depend on each other to make sense. :) Thanks for reading!

  3. My teen daughter just found your books this year and has devoured them! Just thought I’d let you know! You’re her favorite! Do you have a place that she could send you a letter? She had been asking me to find an address (even your publishing company, if that’s better?). Thanks so much, Courtney Richard

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  6. Please,please,please,please do a sequel to Maybe This Time.

  7. Loved Moment of Truth! This is definitely one of my favorites out of your books. It gave me all the feels and all the butterflies!