Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Lonely Hearts Day! Preorder now!


January 30th, 2024 my young adult romance novella comes out! Surprise! It's available to preorder now. What's a novella, you may ask. It's longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. It's about half the size of my typical novels. That's why we decided to offer it in ebook format only. I hope you love it just as much as my full length novels. I know I do! 

Book summary:

It isn’t that Scarlett Landry doesn’t believe in love, her parents’ relationship is perfect, after all. It’s just that she doesn’t think she should be forced to celebrate it. Forced to listen to terrible poetry and watch Valentine’s Day roses being distributed to everyone around her at school. If there is a relationship status that deserves its own holiday, it’s single-hood.

So, she enlists the help of her best friend, Jack Bowman, to throw a party for all the lonely hearts of their high school. She’s known Jack for years. He’s fun and nerdy and smart and will make the perfect co-host. There are two problems. One: the king and queen of school already throw a party on Valentine’s Day. Have for the last few years. And they are not fans of being dethroned. Two: when you become known for throwing a party to celebrate singles, you probably shouldn’t fall in love.

This fun, flirty YA contemporary romance novella, takes place over four Valentine’s Days. It follows the ups and downs of friendship, family, and falling in love.


  1. Lonely Hearts Day isn't just a celebration for couples; it's a reminder that love comes in many forms. Embracing self-love, friendships, and the beauty of solitude makes this day truly special. It's a chance to appreciate the unique journey each heart takes, finding joy in independence and the potential for unexpected connections. Cheers to a day that celebrates the diverse tapestry of love, whether shared or discovered within ourselves. Happy Lonely Hearts Day!

  2. Hey fellow book lovers! I couldn't help but think of a perfect complement to the enchanting atmosphere of Kasie West's upcoming "Lonely Hearts Day." If you're into creating mood boards or just love unique visuals, check out these incredible grunge background images. Imagine the fusion of gritty textures with the romantic vibes of the book—it's a match made in creative heaven! Let's share our ideas on how these backgrounds could add an extra layer of depth to our reading experience. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!