Thursday, December 11, 2008

In My Dreams

Last night (in my dream), my husband took me to see Australia (the movie not the country) for the third time. As we sat down, I looked over and sitting two seats away was Christian Slater (don't ask me why, I haven't been obsessed with him since my pre-teen days).

I said, "You're Christian Slater," in a very excited voice.

He responded, in his high timbre, yet gravelly voice, "I am."

The previews started showing and he was in one of them. I looked at him with a smile, "That was you," I decided to tell him. "I'm sorry," I added, "I promise I won't talk to you anymore."

He must've found me very charming and witty at this point because he reached across the seats that separated us and grabbed my hand. My husband didn't seem to mind, so I just went ahead and let him. The movie began with a scene of a bus floating down a raging river (which is not in the real movie). My mind must've decided that Hugh Jackman and Christian Slater could not be in the same dream.

This was about the time my two-year-old son appeared out of nowhere, climbing up and down the stairs. I looked over to my husband thinking, where did he come from? My husband just smiled as though he was thinking, isn't he so cute? Soon my son became unruly, though, and my husband decided to take him out, leaving me and Christian dangerously alone.

"Do you want to sit by me?" he asked.

I thought he was joking, so I just laughed. But he got up and moved right next to me and draped his arm around my neck. I was feeling slightly guilty, but also really happy. That's when I thought (and I'm not kidding you, I really thought this in my dream), I need to give Christian my blog address. :)

Just before I could, my leg started twitching. He looked at it. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine," I responded, wondering why my body decided to invent this weird malfunction at that moment.

"I think you need to see a doctor," he said. "I'm going to go get your husband."

My husband came and we started walking down some stairs in the movie theater to a doctor that apparently held his practice in the basement. I looked at my husband and asked, "Where is our son?"

"Oh, Christian Slater is babysitting for us," he said.

"Oh, good," I said as if this was perfectly normal. And then my dream ended.

When I told my husband my dream this morning he said, "Wow, Christian Slater is really nice. He's my new favorite celebrity."

I responded, "I know, right?"


  1. You never told me about this dream. I am using this as evidence in our pending child-custody battle. I get all the kids that no-longer require diapers. You can have the pooper.

  2. This cracked me up! Thanks for the kind words on my Agent Nathan entry. Did you enter too? My fingers are crossed!

  3. Jared, I told you. Remember, you're the one that said, "Wow, Christian Slater is really nice. He's my favorite celebrity now." I mean I know you don't listen to me, but when you actually come up with an answer that fits my story I figure you are at least partially listening. :) BTW, I will take that custody arrangement, our son is going to make me lots of money one day with his basketball powers. :)

    AC, yes, I entered too, but my first paragraph isn't as clever as some of the others (like yours). I mean my first chapter hopefully compels somebody to read on, but first paragraph! That's hard to do and I was impressed by the few that really had me right away like that.

  4. Do you have a category for random? Because this would definitely fit there. Do you remember that movie Bed of Roses? I loved Christain Slater in that one.

  5. I don't know if I remember the plot or anything, but it sounds familiar. I have tried to forget most of the 80's/early 90's films that I watched. But this entire post can go under "random" as far as I'm concerned.

  6. by Christian Slater, do you mean Kevin Ryan, actor/professionally good looking extraordinaire. HAHA!! I can't believe your husband was so nice about the whole thing in your dream....he is a stand up guy!!

  7. I just found out that the first comment was actually my brother-in-law pretending to be my husband. All I have to say is KEVIN!!!!!! you're going down. :) I should've known Jared wouldn't so willing give up the future earning potential of his son. I swear the men in my life like to antagonize me. (Kevin, I want you to know this has renewed my intentions to write you into my book just so that I can kill you). :)

    And Steph, I know, dream Jared was so nice not to get jealous.

  8. Um, wow. You should write like a book or something:)

  9. Nat,
    I know, I totally should. I actually wish I could have productive dreams that would help me with my story, but alas, instead I dream of Christian Slater, go figure. Maybe my brain just wants a little rest. :)

  10. Let's see:
    1) baby=your writing
    2) husband=your present
    3) Christian Slater=your past
    4) blog=your voice
    5) twitching leg=escape

    Or else, you should write a book "starring" Christian Slater, which will be made into a screenplay, the movie will win an Oscar, and you'll become rich and famous.

  11. Ah, Linda, you've found a meaning to my crazy dream. I like the rich and famous ending. :)

  12. Kasie, you're too funny! I laughed out loud when I saw "Jared's" response. How appropriate.

    I don't think I would have tagged you as Christian Slater girl though. He seems nice and all (especially after your dream) but a tad feminine for my tastes.

    I did like Bed of Roses though. I just saw it about a week ago Candice! Maybe that's why Steve was able to win me over so easily...he bought me a lot of flowers while we dated. I'm such a sucker for fairytale story lines. He didn't fill my apartment with sterling roses, but it did the job.

    Lovin' the blog Kasie. I'm sure Christian would've checked it out when you picked up "the pooper" after your doctor's appt. AFTER because Christian would devote every minute of his time to your son while in his care, of course. 'Cause he's just that nice.

  13. LOL! Oh my gosh! Died laughing while I read this post! Holy cow! So you know my favorite? When your husband just smiled at your son running up and down the stairs at the movie theater! LOL! What is it with men--even in our dreams that don't see potential embarrassment issues! LOL! And Wow, gee, christian does seem very nice... You're gonna have to dream again and tell what he thinks of your blog! LOL!

    Followed you over from Renee. Hi!

  14. Audrey, I'm really not a Christian Slater kinda girl, that's what's so funny. In fact I can't even tell you the last time I saw him in anything. I will admit I had a teen bop magazine tear out of him hanging on my wall when I was 11, but that may be the last time I ever saw him--before the dream, of course. And I think he would've totally checked out my blog had I given him the address. :)

    giddymom (of 6!!!!--wow), Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you found my crazy dream entertaining. Yes, my husband, even in my dreams, doesn't know how embarrassing that was (I mean, Christian was sitting right there, hello, lol). I usually don't even remember my dreams that's why I found this one so delightful. In Christian dream part 2, I will surely give him my blog address. lol

  15. Christian can be cool in certain movies, but have you seen him lately in "My Own Worst Enemy"? WOW! That is an awesome show.

    Hahah...I have dreams like this now and then. Last night's involved Henry Cavill and James Franco. They both totally wanted to marry me. I have no idea where Andy was. hahahah