Friday, December 12, 2008

She really is a ninja cyborg...

...and apparently so is her first paragraph because it kicked some butts, around 1300 actually (including mine). Congratulations Natalie on being one of the finalists in Nathan Bransford's first paragraph contest. According to the rules, she's not allowed to campaign for herself, but nobody ever said I couldn't. I'm being absolutely fair and impartial when I say her paragraph is the best. But head on over and decide for yourself and then agree with me because we all know I am always right. :)


  1. Woo hoo! I was so excited when I saw this! And, I agree, hers really is the best one there.

    I didn't end up entering, but I did find your entry among the thousands. It was really good! Was that for your book you are querying? Or a new project?

  2. Oh, thanks Renee. That is my new project, the one that is frustrating me to no end right now. But, it will get there. My friend had to remind me that in every single book I have hit a wall that I needed to pass over. I just had to remember, I tend to forget those things.