Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Answer

When I first realized I was going to be without my entire kitchen for one week (yes, you heard that right, ONE WEEK) I nearly had a panic attack. But as the cabinet painter started covering my oven and microwave it hit me with heart swelling happiness that I would not have to cook for an entire week. Hallelujah! No cooking equals more writing, more writing makes my heart sing with joy.

I didn't draw this, but this is about the extent of my drawing abilities. And you must imagine the big, red 'X' through it.

As for the second picture (from my last post), as individuals all of those children make my heart sing. Four of them are my own, the rest are my adorable nieces and nephews. BUT, as a collective group they are capable of mass destruction in less time than it takes for me to do .... well, just about anything. All eleven of them were at my house for Thanksgiving and the following picture shows just a portion of what they accomplished. I'm having a panic attack just thinking about it again. My house still hasn't recovered.

So, I guess, technically speaking, Natalie was right with her answer of "both." And since she said her answer was up for my interpretation as to what she meant by "both," that makes her even more right. :) But everyone else's guesses were pretty close too. So you are all winners. You win a nice big, "Good job! Thanks for playing. You guys are the greatest."


  1. Is that why you forbid me from going up to your loft? :) Is Benjamin's Mickey Mouse somewhere up there? He finally asked for it last night, and I realized I had forgotten to come get it!

  2. Ha, I had a feeling I'd be right. That does kinda make me anxious, that pic. My two yr old could do that in about a minute...

    Oh, wait, he already did. Great.

  3. Candi, I found Mickey believe it or not. He is now sitting in my car so as not to get lost in the abyss again. And yes, that is why I forbid you to go in the loft.

    Natalie, how come I always have an overwhelming desire to call you Nat? Yes, about a minute was the time it took for the eleven of them to total my entire house. About three weeks is how long it is going to take me to clean it up because 4 of those kids are still here (not to mention the cabinet painter, we've adopted him into the family for the week). So two steps forward equals at least one step back, sometimes three steps back, though. Who am I kidding, my house will never be clean again.

  4. Ahhh the sweetness of childhood! I should send you a picture of my clean quiet house and you'll take yours in a second!! Enjoy it!

  5. Yikes! Hopefully you'll be recovered by Christmas!