Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Know, Gross

We are having major toilet issues in this house. The toilet issues (I know you're dying to hear about them) consist of multiple clogged toilets at any given time. It took me a while to realize what was going on. First, I got after the girls.

"Stop using so much toilet paper," I insisted.

Next, I started blaming our house (like it had any say in the matter) and anyone directly related to the building of it. "I swear, they just don't make houses like they used to," I observed the other day, as though I were some 90 year old woman who had witnessed the time when they did make houses like they used to (however that was).

Even after my post the other day about how my two year old could now open doors, it didn't occur to me that the door opening and toilet problems were correlated. It didn't occur to me, until yesterday, when I walked in on my son flushing a small bottle of air freshener down the toilet with a giddy laugh. I saved it just in time (I know, gross).

Great. What else has he flushed down there? (As long as my flash drive [oh, and my wedding ring] are in plain sight, I think I'll be okay) Today I found a dice sitting at the bottom of another toilet. Sigh. I guess it's time for those child proof door handles that are impossibly hard for adults to open (well at least this adult. I'm sure my son will actually figure out how to open them faster than I will).


  1. Oh, the never ending joys of motherhood! :)

  2. I'm really glad my kid skipped the "stuff in the toilet" phase. Don't know how I managed to get that lucky.

    Good luck with those door knob thingamajobs...I'm not so good with them myself.

  3. Did you know they make locks for toilets?

    My two year old hasn't put anything down the toilet yet, thank goodness. She just likes to look in and say "water! water!" Apparently, it's very exciting.

    I love how you said "flash drive" and then jumped to your wedding ring. Do you think of writing before jewelry? *quietly laughs* I totally understand. :)

  4. A flash drive down the toilet! The thought gave me cold chills.

    If I could wear my flash drive around my neck, I would. I actually have my story saved on two separate ones, and the computer, and then I email myself my story. (I'm paranoid, I know.)

  5. Benjamin used to dip things in the toilet (I know, disgusting), He would often come out of the bathroom holding a wet comb or brush that he had just dipped in the toilet and begun combing his hair with. It was so hard for me to take. I always just threw stuff away after (I'm sure I wastd a ton of money). Anyway, I think it's a boy thing!

    Oh yeah, did you ever get those keys back on your computer that he tore off yesterday?

  6. Angie, that's what I'll keep telling myself. LOL

    Nat, yeah, just wait, you still have more kids ahead of you. My first 3 didn't do it either. (yes, I'm secretly cursing you with a future child that does this. Mua ha)

    Lady Glam, toilet locks?? Oh, that might be trouble for me. I sense lots of girls (I have 3) dancing around the toilet screaming, "MOM, I gotta go and I can't get the toilet open!" LOL And, yes, it's sad when more horror enters my mind at the thought of my flash drive going down the toilet then anything else.

  7. Renee, I KNOW! You're talking to the lock down police here. I swear if I had a safe in my house, my computer and flash drive would be in it every night. LOL

    Candi, okay, that's gross. Toilet water in the hair, nice. And yes, I got the keys back on. Thank goodness. See you tonight.

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  9. With my kids it wasn't the toilet, it was stuffing things up their nose. Remember when Gabe stuck a Polly Pocket shoe up his nose? I had to pull it out by the tip of the heel with tweezers. Good times...good times.

  10. HAHAHAH! i HAVE put my hand down the toilet so much, I don't even want to comment. It is nasty! VERY NASTY! LOL! But a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

  11. At least he didn't flush and say "coolio." :)

    I agree, definitely a boy thing. We locked ours for a while (because we were afraid that his head would go in) but it was such a pain, we decided we were willing to risk it.

  12. you had to write about that gross!