Saturday, January 24, 2009


One fine afternoon, two friends and I went to Pier One to buy an easel. We roamed the store without much luck and then came upon a very friendly worker.

"Can I help you find anything?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah, I'm looking for an easel."

"Oh, sure, let me show you where they are." He led us to a cabinet and pulled out two sizes to choose from. One was too small and one was too big. (And one was just right. No, that's not true. They didn't have the size I wanted, grrr)

He was holding them up for me to inspect and I realized he was waiting for a reaction or for me to pick one. I don't know, he was waiting for something. That's when the word came flying out of my mouth and I didn't know what I was saying until it was too late to pull it back or stop it. "Coolio."

He raised one eyebrow.

I, feeling a little bit lame, decided to continue humiliating myself by proclaiming, "Uh, I didn't mean to say that."

That's when he laughed and said, "Coolio is actually my word. I use it all the time." (yeah right)

I grabbed the closest easel and took it to the register. On my way out the door, he called out, "Have a coolio day." (see, I knew he had never used that word before)

And that is the story of the day (I wish I could say the last day) I said the word "coolio" to a random stranger.

I loved everyone's comments yesterday. I'm glad I'm not the only one with quirks.


  1. That's awesome. And what's wrong with saying that? I think you need to start owning your awesome vocabulary.

  2. Ha, cracked me up again. I wish I could be this funny on my blog :)

  3. The only one with quirks!? Oh, heaven's no. I'm surrounded by people with fun quirks. How would I laugh otherwise? Coolio!

  4. Yo, stop using my name as a verb. When I'm rollin' thug style through gangsta paradise I don't look out the window to my homies and say, "Yo, check out that flossy ride, it's so Kasie." It just doesn't flow, yo.

    Plus, I'll sue. It's not very gangsta I know, but Coolio hasn't had many hits in the past decade and he needs the money.

  5. Angie, thanks. I'm still laughing about your comment from yesterday.

    Nat, yeah, maybe I would, but then I might start thinking I'm actually cool. And we all know what would happen then....

    Corey, you know how to get on my good side, don't you? Well, if you didn't, now you do--flattery. It works every time. LOL

    Lady Glam, yes, the more quirks the better, I say.

    Coolio, hmmm, uh, please don't sue me. I'm a writer, I have no money.

  6. LOL... I was already cracking up and then I saw Coolio's comment! That was awesome. Watch out Kasie... pretty sure Peeps is going to come after you next. ;) I can't wait to see if it is a person or those little marshmallow chicks and bunnies they sell at Easter! :D

  7. I was so hoping after your teaser the other day that we would hear this story. Now I'll have a smile on my face the rest of the day. I can't stop giggling.

  8. Jenn, yeah, my husband (aka any silly, anonymous person you ever see in the comments section [Dr. Phil, Hugh Jackman, etc]) is quite hilarious. He cracks me up. And yes, I hope the marshmallow bunnies don't get me next. Not a huge fan of those.

    Annette, a nerd and proud of it. LOL

    Heather, would you tell your blog to stop eating my comments. Speaking of smiling all day, your American Idol bit was sooo funny.

  9. And I was in the car and missed it all!!

  10. ACK! how did I miss this post??? I can't believe it! I LOVE IT! It's awesome! and super funny! LOL! So was coolio your hubby or what??? LOL!