Monday, February 2, 2009


Remember that goal I made on New Year's Eve about my resolutions for the year of 2009? I know, how can you forget, right? Well, I went to the gym today so I can officially check number (uh, I don't remember what number it was and I'm too lazy to look [hello, I went to the gym today, I'm exhausted]) off my list. Wahoo! I'm doing great.

Have you ever noticed that when you stop going to the gym for a period of time that you can't lift as much weight as you used to? Well, I noticed that today. It's frustrating to go backwards. I think the same applies to writing (of course I would relate it) if I don't do at least a little every day then I have to recondition my brain. Fortunately, I'm much better at writing every day than I am at going to the gym.


  1. Congrats on marking one off! I'll have to go back and see what resolutions I made ... guess that means I haven't kept any, huh?

    Yeah, we do have to get our brains back in gear each time. Makes you wonder what beautiful prose you might crank out, if you could write non-stop for weeks without interruption.

  2. Sheesh, don't remind me of New Years resolutions. Not doing so good on those myself.

    But, good for you for going to the gym! I'm lucky because my inlaws own a treadmill. One perk to living with them. I've exercised way more since I've been here.

  3. Woot! You go, coolio.

    Though, um, you need the gym? You're like super skinny! I was thinking you might need more chocolate. And lard. Maybe some bacon. Or lots of bacon.

  4. Yes, when you stop lifting weights you do seem to have to start all over again--I went from twenty to a measly 10 again. Same with writing--it's a muscle that has to be worked too. Glad you are:))

  5. The part about having to recondition your mind to writing is sooo true!! I don't think people realize how mental writing is! Yes, I do mean MENTAL!!

  6. Good Job! I definitely think it's harder to write when you stop doing it for a while. Good analogy!

  7. It does take a certain discipline to do both working out and writing regularly. And the benefits of both are so worth it!

  8. Whatever... you're buff. :P

    LOL, great job going to the gym! :)

  9. Well, la dee da, superwoman. Some of us don't go to the gym EVER or write EVER... So I guess I am going to be fat and inarticulate! :-)

    Just Kidding... of course.

  10. I'm hoping you'll read something funny and it will make you laugh again so you'll clutch your sore stomach in pain. I think it's cute. Try

  11. Linda, yes, I completed one goal, which was, "work out sometime in the year 2009." LOL I did it, done. And I only wish I could write 24/7 for weeks on end....although I don't think my prose would be beautiful, I think by the end of those few weeks, I would be slightly insane. LOL

    Renee, well, perhaps you should have made mediocre goals like I did and then they'd be easy to accomplish. LOL

    Natalie, thin and in shape are two different things, and I am so far from in shape it is crazy, but I will gladly eat a pound of bacon....hmmm bacon.

    Terri, you go, girl.

    Nikki, so mental. I feel mental. LOL

  12. Candi, I'm full of analogies, like.......*crickets chirp* ....uh, yeah, I guess that was my only one.

    Joanne, I'm still waiting for the benefits of both. But I'm really patient (not really) so I'll try to keep up with both.

    Jenn, LOL, I think you forgot that you've only met me online.

    Annette, whatever. You are neither and never have been.

    Jared, stop, my stomach is soooo sore. And please remove that pic, it disturbs me every time I see it. Ewww.

  13. Work back in slowly and you'll get both sets of muscles back up to fighting shape soon. :)

  14. I can't help that my muscles are all disgustingly bulgy. That's like me asking you to remove your dimples. It's who I am.