Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Family Blog Has Arrived

So, I know a lot of you "lurkers" out there follow my blog to get a glimpse of the fam.  And I've been promising for a while to start a family blog so I could stop boring you all with my quirks and crazy writer talk.  Well, Jared finally did it.  He started the blog.  Now, I know he's twice as funny and five times as good looking, but don't completely abandon me for him.  If you're interested in getting family updates though (Mother West, I know you'll be happy) go to:  (you might want to push mute before you head over--Jared's choice in music is ... uh ... interesting)


  1. Alas, my family blog has been quite neglected since I began writing, and most of my extended family doesn't even know I have a writing blog. They may be afraid that I fell off the face of the earth. Well I'm off to check out Westacular!

  2. Dear Kasie,
    You forgot to mention that today is opposite day and the correct ratios are 1/2, 1/5, and pump up the volume to the max! Jumpy Jump!

  3. What a nifty-fied idea! Drop in for a bowl of cyber gumbo today if you get a chance. ((((KW)))))

  4. YAY! One less thing you have to do... now you can spend more time getting Josh ready for me ;) headin over there now!

  5. How exciting! I should send you the address for my family blog, but since I don't have your email, I'll just put this little link here in case you are interested:

    The Macbeths

    The same thing happened with my family - they all started complaining that I never posted about anything but writing. Imagine that. :)

  6. That's cool! Yeah, I've never had a family blog LOL I'll go check it out :)