Monday, March 23, 2009

Dream on

I didn't touch my computer once yesterday. Not once. For those of you who know me, you'll know this is a minor miracle. And the fact that I didn't go into withdrawals is a major miracle. Why did I feel the need to do this? That's a good question. Aside from my writing/computer/internet/blog/facebook/twitter addiction, I had a dream. Yes, a dream. It was a very odd dream that made me realize that I needed a 24 hour (at the very least) break from my computer.

It went something like this:

I am walking down the street in my neighborhood and run into my blog friend Jenn. Now, since I have never met Jenn in real life, I not only have no clue what her voice sounds like, but I also have no idea what anything beyond her smiling head looks like. So that is exactly how Jenn appears in my dream--a floating picture of just her head. (Now, Jenn, I think you're gorgeous, but a floating picture of your head in my dream was just plain creepy).

"Hey, Jenn," I say.

"Hey, Kasie." Remember, I have no idea what she sounds like, so this appears as typed written letters beside her head. Yes, her head begins to IM with me.

"How are you?"

"I'm good. LOL."

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, I was just reading Kiersten's twitter update."

"Really? Was it funny?"

"See for yourself." Next to Jenn, Kiersten's head appears (once again, beautiful, but creepy).

It says: Kierstenwhite is hugging Laptop. He just thought of the best idea ever.

"Really? What idea was that?" I ask Kiersten because apparently her twitter is now in direct communication with me. (mind you, no one but me is actually speaking in this dream and I'm beginning to look around for some people who have actual voices).

Thank goodness my good friend Candi appears in this moment. "Hi, Kasie. Did you hear about Kiersten's Laptop's idea?" She has a voice.

"Uh, no, she was just about to tell me...I think."

"I was," types Kiersten.

I wait to hear the idea, but Natalie and Jenni arrive in this moment with Nikki's whole family picture floating beside them. This is getting weird, I think in my dream. Time to wake up before more of my blog friend's heads appear. And thank goodness I did.

So, as you can all see, I needed a break from my computer for 24 hours. Perhaps I shouldn't have shared that. Hmmm, oh well, you all already know I'm crazy.


  1. Kasie, This is one of the funniest things I've ever read! I think it means one of two things: Either your idea would be a great basis for a cartoon or perhaps (dare I say it) a middle grade or YA BOOK!!!!! OR... it's time for you to take a vacation. ;-)

  2. I have a very hard time NOT touching my computer, and have tried to hide it from myself. So congratulations on a 24 hour sabbatical. And your dream was very funny to read. You should transcribe more of your dreams.

  3. Oh my goodness that's funny! I think I've had similar dreams, but minus the floating heads. That just goes into nightmare realm.

    I take periods time away from the Internet. Usually a week. It's nice and helps me focus on that thing we like to call Real Life. Yeah, that thing. I forget about it sometimes...

    Great post! Thank you for sharing. It gave me a great laugh!

  4. And I thought *I* spent too much time on the computer! Lol. :)

  5. Speaking of which, I am hugging my Laptop. He just gave me the best idea!

    You are kind of crazy. But in an adorable, endearing sort of way...and I'm proud to have made it into your subconscious!

  6. It's like when you've taken a foreign lauguage in school for enough years that you finally begin hearing/speaking in that language in your dreams! :)

  7. Wow, that makes me so happy. I'm glad you took a break. I'm planning quite an extended one in the future, depending on how things go.

  8. Debra, funny, crazy, it's all relative. And please, please, don't give me more book ideas. LOL

    Jessie, I know, I only looked longingly at my computer twice yesterday, and only had to talk myself out of a strong urge to turn it on once. I'd say that's pretty good. I think I'll try it next Sunday too.

    Michelle, I'm sure your head would've been the next to appear had I not woken up. LOL I think after edits, a week break sounds nice. I might try that.

  9. Jen, nobody spends more time on the computer than I. But I'm sure you could all give me a run for my money. LOL

    Kiersten, ahhh, my floating head friend. How nice to see you. I think with the amount of time I spend with all of you on the computer, you were bound to make it into my subconscious someday. :)

    Angie, I think you may be right. I've become fluent in IMing. I don't know that I should be proud of that.

    Natalie, let's take an extended one together. In this break we will vow to not think of any more book ideas until we've edited the ones we've already written. LOL (wait, that doesn't sound like a break).

  10. LOLOL! I'm glad I made it in there somewhere.. sheez! Hello? Remember? Dream BFFs! LOL! Too funny! I'm on a comp strike too, but forced. Sigh. Miss you. Jenni

  11. I should change my blogger picture, I guess. I want to be a floating head!! LOL! I don't want to take my whole family with me into everyone's dreams!! LOLOL! Course I wonder if it would count as a family vacation???

  12. It is time you back away slowly from the commputer ... slowly.

    Actually I like your dream. If you saw only my head, I wouldn't be stressing about my hips that are beginning to spread and root themselves on my computer chair. I'd still have a double chin that I'd have to ask you to airbrush out of your dream.

    ...Dream on.

  13. I'm really glad I had a voice. I feel much better knowing that all the time we spend together counts for something, even if it's just being the only one who get to speak in your dream.

  14. LOL! I took a break--24 hours too and it didn't hurt at all!

  15. That is so hilarious. It just shows how real all your blogger friends are to you--in a warped way. Sometime we'll just have to have a huge get together.

  16. LAUGHING!>...I love dreams!

    and I love Toni Morrison's quote - because that is exactly what I did-wrote the novel I wanted to read! :)

  17. It's funny, I've never dreamed of my fellow bloggers as floating heads before! I have dreamed about blogging, but usually, I'm sitting at my computer. Yes, admittedly, sometimes on an alien world...

  18. Hey... do you have a problem with my head?

    By the way... I'm baa-aaaack :D

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