Friday, April 17, 2009

Deep Breath

Sometimes I just have to step away from everything and focus. That was this last week for me. And it was good. I got my second major edit of my book done and now it's time for more waiting. Waiting is beginning to seem easier than it used to, especially because it means taking a break from editing.

In other news, I saw the movie "17 again" tonight starring Zac Efron. It was adorable. The theatre was full of teenagers, but I honestly think this movie was more for those who wonder what it would be like to be 17 again, versus those who actually are 17. And if you happened to grow up in the eighties, it's even more hilarious. I found myself relating to his character a lot (not the whole 'middle aged man who wants to go back to his glory days' thoughts, but his parental concerns and all the funny things he says to the high school kids). I'm not sure the teenagers watching related to Zac as much, but I don't think they minded because they were too busy squealing every time he came onto the screen (I'm not kidding, they really did. They also clapped. [Okay, I was squealing and clapping too, shh.]) Anyway, very cute. Not only funny, but a feel good story as well. I highly recommend it.


  1. Heheheh! Okay, so me and my sisters saw this movie because the one we wanted to watch was booked... and um, we were SOO surprised. It's good! It's really, really good! I loved it! And seriously, I could so watch it again... hehehe! Is that like, uh, wrong to admit? Eeeh!

  2. Yeah, I'm a dork. Zac is friggin' cute. (I actually picture Rune in Allure looking like him, heh. Sometimes I see him and go, "Oh! Rune!" Sigh.) I fully plan to see this, sounds funny.

  3. Man, I could use a deep breath right now.

    must . . . finish . . . edits

    Also, I am generally one to sneer at teen dream idols, but I actually want to see 17 Again. :) It looks like a cute idea. One of those ones that make you think, "Dang, why didn't I think of that?"

  4. I saw it too. What a cute movie. I was kind of loving his character too. For the first time I found Zac kind of yummy. It was kind of a horrifying feeling. I mean he's so young and scrawny. But I think your right. I think it was the fact that he played a character that was my age...right? I'm mean I'm not really that creepy older woman am I?

  5. Glad that it was good! I've been thinking about going to see it. Nice to know that it's not a waste of money. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for telling us about that movie. I haven't heard of it and it looks like something I'd really like. Good luck with waiting.

  7. after watching 17 Again, i got to wondering, do they ever cast people who are actually high school age to play high school aged kids?

  8. Kasie, congrats on all the writing progress. Take a bunch of time off to get away from the WIP and you'll come back to it with perspective and fresher eyes. :)

  9. Don't the wait times stink?

    I want to see that movie. I've thought it looked cute. Now I know. I'll have to take the kiddies.

  10. I want to see that so bad! It is going to happen, my hubby just doesn't know it yet. :)

  11. I'm glad it was good. I must see it now. Do you think Kaiya would like it?

    I must show you that picture of him and Vanessa from Twenty Three. TO DIE FOR!!!

    He actually has the perfect pretty-boy pixie face. He would make a fabulous faerie or Peter Pan, wouldn't he?

    Love me some Pan.

    Getting caught up on your blog...

    Hannah cracks me up! How cool that she is writing like her mama. I dig her imagination with the whole world being magical. Awesome.

    Trooper has actually come up with some great come-backs lately too and I do the same as you. Hahah...

  12. Jenni, it was cute, huh? And, I could so watch it again too. Oh wait, I did. LOL

    Nat, I know, Zac is a pretty boy babe. Seriously, the boy made all the girls on the movie look average. LOL

    Renee, yes, deep breath, finish your edits and then you can relax (for now).

    Nikki, not creepy at all. He honestly had me believing he was 37 by the end. It made me laugh. (But even in real life Zac is 21 so you don't have to feel too creepy if you think he's cute [which he is]).

  13. Jenna (who was once Jen) yes, you should definitely go see it.

    Michelle, thanks for the luck wishes. I need them.

    coffee maker, no I don't think they do. And I'm glad. I think young 20 year olds make the best high schoolers in movies. Real high schoolers look so young. :)

    Angie, thanks. And fresh eyes are good. I'll put it in the apple drawer for a while.

  14. Lois, yes, waiting is hard, but it is also a nice break.

    Jenn, after seeing it, I made my husband see it with me. He really liked it. He laughed a lot. There are only a few "girly" parts so I think your husband would actually like it.

    Britten, no, I wouldn't take Kaiya if I were you. It has the right rating. Plus I think she'd be bored. Very adult humor.
    And yes, Zac would make an awesome faery, he's so pretty. He has the same striking features as Orlando Bloom who played an excellent elf in Lord of the Rings. Yummy. (oops, did I write that?)

  15. Oh yes, this is on my list of movies to see...alone. Because my husband doesn't watch movies like 17 Again. So one night soon I will sneak out after having put my son to sleep and watch Zac who I agree is swoon-worthy.

  16. Glad to hear you are working hard! ANd I want to see that movie for the reasons you mentioned!

  17. Did someone say Focus? ... Sorry, I spaced out for a minute.

    Anyway, thanks for the movie review. I had been avoiding it. My 9yr old daughter is becoming very impatient with my excuses. Now I can say, "Sure why not" while she eyes me suspiciously wondering the catch.

  18. Jessie, I went by myself the first time. I like to see movies that way. Then I'm not constantly concerned as to whether my husband is enjoying it or not.

    Terri, you should, I think you'll like it.

    Tricia, I don't know if your 9 year old will like it, (most of it will go over her head) but you definitely will.