Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have the coolest friends

And quite frankly, most of the time I have no idea what I did to deserve them. I sit in my house and practice my hermit-like behavior and am surprised time and again that I have friends at all, let alone the coolest ones. So, my friend Natalie surprised me Saturday by drawing the main character in one of my stories. Check it out here. I love her. I have shamelessly begged to take possession of the drawing and Natalie has agreed to give her to me. Yippee!! I can't wait to frame her and hang her on my wall next to my real life children.


  1. It's so cool! I think every writer should have the ability to see their characters! YAY Natalie! And yay, kasie!

  2. I often think the same thing. Natalie's picture is great. Lucky you!

  3. You cutie! It's was anything YOU did to get a drawing, Elodie was just so cool that I HAD to draw her:P It happens sometimes.

  4. At first it sounded like you wanted to frame Natalie and put her on your wall... that was a fun image. LOL! I'd like to do the same. he is awesome!

  5. Oh, what an awesome friend. And Elodie turned out LOVELY!

  6. Jenni, I agree, it's so awesome to see your characters.

    Angie, I know, right?

    Lois, :) I am lucky.

    Nat, that makes more sense. Elodie is awesome. :)

    Michelle, that sounds even better. Natalie on my wall. She could read me a new story every night. LOL

    Corey, she did, didn't she?

    Kathryn, thanks.

  7. Oh I saw the pic on Natalie's blog the other day. Beautiful. Maybe I can make my character so outstanding natalie will want to draw her too. That will be my new goal.