Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hypothetically speaking...

What would you do if this completely and totally made up story happened to you.

Imagine if you will that you took your daughters to go see Hannah Montana the movie, not because you thought the male lead was cute or anything, but because you were a caring mother and knew your daughters would enjoy it. In the same ‘wonderful mother’ attitude you let your darling children pick out some candy. Daughter number two picks gummi bears. You happen to like gummi bears and after devouring all your junior mints (completely hypothetical remember) you lean over and ask your daughter for a few bears. Come to find out, she only likes the clear gummi bears (who knew?) and anything that wasn’t clear she took a few chews of and spit back into the bag. (gross, never mind, you decide you don’t want them after all.)

At the end of the movie you stick the bag of half chewed gummi bears into your purse and promptly forget they are there. (like you do with most things you stick in your purse. Oh, wait you don’t? That’s only me? Well, it’s just a story anyway, so no need to get technical.)

A few days later you walk down the stairs and see your husband sitting on the couch with an empty bag of gummi bears. Having forgotten that your husband has a nose for all things gummi, you didn’t think to warn him about the regurgitated nature of the gummi bears residing in your purse (plus you had forgotten they were there anyway).

“Um, did you eat all those gummi bears?” you ask.

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry, did you want some?”

“No, no, not at all. Uh…were they good?”

“Yeah, they were great, thanks.”

At this moment you know you should tell him, but at the same time you think, ‘what’s done is done.’ So my question to you is: Do you tell him?

This isn’t a real scenario remember. I’m just preparing in case something like this ever happens. You can never be too prepared.


  1. It's a good thing your hubby never ever reads this blog... like EVER. Or this could be really, really funny. And yeah, i'm all about instant mortification and humbling/teaching moments. You know, the ones that you use to keep your hubby out of your stuff??? Yeah, those ones. I would've so told. Hehehe! Of course, then he would've been like "oh," and shrugged or something, but deep down he'd be thinking..."Grr..." then the next thing I'd know I'd walk in on him telling my daughter the importance of NOT spitting out her food, no matter if it's candy or not. Yes, the vicious cycle of teaching moments continues...

  2. LOL--Oh yeah-- I'd HAVE to tell!!!

  3. Kasie, First of all, great hypothetical. Secondly, hell yeah, I'd tell him! The conversation would go something like this (hypothetically):

    "Oh, my God! I can't believe you ate those! You're not gonna believe what happened to them before you ate them. Ooh, that's SO disgusting! Oh, my God, it's so gross I can't even talk about it."

    I'd leave the room. He'd come running after.

    "What? What happened to the gummi bears? They tasted fine!"

    "Really? Well, if they tasted fine, I guess there's no need to tell you what happened."

    "No, seriously. What happened?"

    "Your youngest child chewed them and then spit them back in the bag."

    "Is that all? Hmm. I guess they taste better that way."

    After all, my hypothetical husband is hypothetically a pediatrician, and really, what can gross them out?

  4. Hehe. I'm impressed that you...I mean hypothetical you...acted so calm and smooth. I know this is hypothetical, because I'm sure the real Kasie would have burst out laughing so hard that her husband would ask what it was all about. Then she'd have to tell.

  5. I'd probably tell him in a completely hypothetical manner ... not because he won't get it (of course he will!) but because the look on his face as the story progresses will be priceless : ) Anyway, you'll probably both end up laughing, which is always a joyous thing!

  6. That's so gross! Funny, but gross.

  7. I probably wouldn't tell because:

    1)My purse is sacred and he shouldn't have been in there helping myself to my goodies

    2)My dh has a weak stomach and he would probably vomit after the story and I would be left cleaning up the mess

  8. Honestly, him being of the men persuasion, it probably wouldn't phase him a bit. So blogging about it and hearing all your friends horrified responses is the most satisfying course of action!

  9. LOL. Oh, that's classic.

    Truth is, in that situation, I probably would have laughed; I can never keep a straight face when I need to.

  10. That's too funny. I would so have to tell him.

  11. haha... I don't know if my hubby would care either way. LOL but I'd tell him ;)

  12. Lol...that's just...ewww. I would totally tell my husband, though. And he'd probably just shrug and say, "We'll, they were still good."

  13. I would tell him and let him know that he got what he deserved. I agree with "Shannon" a women's purse is sacred and that's what he gets for going through it. :)

  14. I'd tell. Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll?

  15. Well, what if, hypthetically of course, you gave your boss a ride in your car and watched when they exited with a ten-inch blue gummi shark stuck to the back of her skirt. Do you A: Snatch the shark of her skirt and hope she doesn't feel it? B: Alert her of the shark attack? C: Point and laugh in the most unbecomming way?

    The hypothetical person who chose C: no longer has her job. I don't know her though.

  16. LOL. Nooooooo. What happens with gummis stays with the gummis!

  17. LOL You guys are all making me laugh really hard. Thank goodness this didn't actually happen because I think, hypothetically, I made the wrong choice.

    And, Nat, you know me too well, if this really happened I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing. I wonder how my hypothetical self kept it in so well. It must've been before noon. Hypothetically, I'm not quite myself in the morning.

    As to the sacred nature of a woman's purse, I would agree IF it wasn't for the fact that I raid my husband's wallet anytime I feel like it, taking any and all cash I find. So if my husband wants to go through my super messy purse and find half-chewed candy or dirt covered junior mints, he is welcome. :) (I personally think if we're comparing what we come away with from our "raids" I win hands down)

  18. I wouldn't have even had to think about it. I would have told. However, my husband doesn't go near my purse and he HATES all things gummy. But we are talking hypothetical, right?

  19. I am both shocked and impressed that you didn't let on. Ahem...I mean I would be both shocked and impressed if you kept this kind of info to yourself, hypothetically.

  20. Hilarious! I'd make him squirm a bit after noticing my raised eyebrows and eventually tell him...maybe...