Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And here's another edition of: That's gross

Knowing the house was beyond disastrous and that guests were arriving that evening, I decided last friday to take a break from my rigorous edits and clean the house. After cleaning the entire upstairs, I broke out the vacuum from hibernation and began the chore. It became apparent very quickly that the vacuum wasn't sucking. I took off the front panel to discover that the bag was so full that all the tubes leading into it had filled as well. So, I removed the bag and went to throw it away. On my way back upstairs, new bag in hand, I heard my son say, "Yummy, cheerios." I rounded the corner and found him picking cheerios out of the open hole that leads into the bag and shoving them in his mouth. They were stuck in between hair and dust balls. Hmm, hmm good.

Now that's gross.


  1. Oh, yuck! My son has done some pretty disgusting things, but I think you have us beat with that one!

  2. Is he all boy, or what? :-)

    Here's my disgusting vacuum story for you. I had a cannister vac that I used only for the stairway carpet, which didn't get cleaned very often. One day I started it up to find no suction and lots of stink. I took off the hose and saw some weird gelatinous substance plugging it up. It wasn't until I realized there was an eyeball in the mess that I knew we had finally found our missing gerbil. Ewwwwww!

  3. Kasie, that's gross, but Linda that is DISGUSTING! It's a good thing those two stories aren't combined because then you would have found Donovan saying mmmm, Jello. Now, That's gross!!!!

  4. What? You're not supposed to do that?

  5. Oh, that's disgusting! Wait, no, I just read Linda's comment, that's even worse. Ewww...

  6. Debra, yes, he is loveable. I'll just think twice before kissing him now.

    Corey, LOL, no worries, your boys still have lots of time to catch up.

    Linda.......................that was my brain shutting off for a moment to try to preserve itself. THAT IS DISGUSTING. LOL But very entertaining. I'm glad you shared.

    Candi, the visual of what you just suggested was beyond disgusting and I'd thank you never to say anything like that again. LOL (especially because Donavan would totally do that)

    Nat, I didn't have a problem with it. I didn't even make him spit them out. LOL

    Cindy, I know, Linda beat me hands down.

  7. Yikes! Kids! They are so gross!

  8. Hey, the kidlet got double fiber. :)

    I'm having a writing contest if you're interested.

  9. Ewweth! Seriously! So you wanna know something more ewweth than that? heheh! Check out my blog! No really, I got you beat... this time...Muhahahah!

  10. He's just building his immune system. Now the eyeball thing, that's disgusting.

  11. EWWWW! for Kasie's story.

    Double EWWWW! for Linda's

    Triple EWWWW! for Candi's comment

    now morbid curiosity will cause me to visit giddmouth's blog.

  12. Sorry, meant giddymomof6. Not giddymouth (where did that come from?) Brain scramble due to gross images of mice and cheerios.

  13. Lois, they keep life interesting, don't they?

    Angie, I wish I had something good to submit. Unfortunately everything I have is either in various stages of editing or sitting on an agents desk. I look forward to reading your winning submission though.

    Jenni, yours was more intriguing than gross. I think for grossness, I totally won (well, actually, Linda won, or Candi). I do love your new super power though and will be taking some of your immunity next time I see you, baby. (now that's gross)

    Patti, I know, my kids are going to have the best immune systems by the time they're grown. LOL

    Tricia, I agree with your "eww" scale.

  14. Ewww. That is gross.

    Just a question about the lovely blog award. I know I got the award, but now what do I do? I've been waiting for something to happen, but nothing has. What do I do?

  15. Littlescribbler,
    Hey, you have to add it as a gadget onto the side of your blog by copying and pasting it. I'm not sure how to do that with wordpress, but, I'm sure you do. And then you can do a post about it saying how awesome someone thinks your blog is and then award it to a few other people (if you want).

  16. I have my son almost trained perfectly. If he finds something on the ground he'll pick it up and say, "Ewe, lucky (yucky)" and then hand it to me. The only thing this doesn't work for is tic tacs.

    I still think the regurgitated gummy bears are more disgusting.