Monday, June 8, 2009


Okay, I really, really, really wanted to share this news with you on Friday, but it wasn't quite official yet. I had a decision to make. Well, it's official now: I HAVE AN AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lovely Kirsten Manges from KM Literary Agency.

Yes, I still feel like I'm dreaming. (Speaking of which, I had the weirdest dream last night, but that's a different post)

I think the fact that I have an agent is the most exciting and interesting news, but I am informed by my friends that people will want to hear the story of exactly how it came to pass. So, let me share, in hopes of helping all of you who hope to be able to make the same announcement soon.

After writing in a reclusive state for almost a year, one of my only friends who knew about my serious aspirations of becoming a writer suggested we start blogging (she's a writer too--Candice). I thought, who would want to hear what I have to say, but went along with it anyway. It was through blogging that I realized the vast network of supportive and amazing writers in the blogosphere (is that an illegal way, according to Nathan Bransford [I know he did a post on it today] to use the word blog?). Well, I happened to meet a fun girl by the name of Jenni James who, along with many of you other writers, I felt a connection with. We chatted a lot and started exchanging books.

We also thought it would be fun to write a book together. I actually forget the order of these next two events. But one happened first and the other happened second. :) We wrote a book that her agent read (we're in the midst of edits on that one). AND Jenni read one of my books, "Captivated" that she fell in love with. She asked if she could recommend it to her agent. I said, "No, you may not." Just kidding. I said, "Are you kidding me??? Of course you can."

Her agent (now my agent--Eeeeeh!) read it and had some big edits for me that mainly had to do with world building. I took those edits, completed them and about 4 weeks ago, sent it back to her. She was really sweet about telling me every week or so that she still remembered I was waiting and would get to it as soon as her schedule permitted. So, last Friday, she got back to me and loved it!!!

Referrals work. Networking works. Surround yourself with writers. I have learned so much from not only my friends who have read and helped me edit, but from those who have given me the privilege of reading their books as well. Thanks, guys! You're awesome.

That's it, my story in a nutshell. To celebrate I'm going to go to the store to buy a pound of chocolate. Is that enough? If you want to celebrate with me, I give you permission to eat some chocolate today in my name. :) :)

Now on to the next stage where more anxious waiting will ensue. I'm not going to think about that stage right now. I'm going to celebrate!


  1. Congrats! That's so exciting ; ) Now the real fun begins...

  2. Yay! You go celebrate and all that good stuff. Go out to eat, get a new outfit, and party with Hugh Jackman.

    Congrats, friend. Congrats.

  3. OMG!!! I'm SO freaking excited for you! And you and Jenni sharing the same agent is fantastically awesome!!!! You deserve it, girlfriend. Keep us posted on the submission process. And, no, a pound of chocolate's not enough of a celebration (and this is coming from a certified chocoholic!). A pound of chocolate AND dinner at a fancy restaurant is definitely in order.;-)

  4. Kasie, I'm almost as excited for you as if I was the one who'd gotten an agent. I've told all my family ... none of them writers ... and they looked at me like, "Why are YOU so excited?"

    Not a chocoholic myself, but go for it. You deserve it, no doubt!!!

  5. Congratulations, Kasie! That's awesome news! :) Let the games begin!

  6. Congratulations, that is WONDERFUL! Definitely get yourself some chocolate!

  7. Oh, congrats! Such exciting news! Love hearing the details!

  8. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!! I've been wearing the craziest smile on my face since Friday and screaming at mad random moments the whole weekend! Now I'm positively shrieking with joy! You're going to LOVE kirsten so much! I'm soo sooo ssoooo happy for you! You deserve it! I love capitvated! Oh yeah, and Thad! Jenni

  9. Yippee! That's fantastic! I'm really excited for you. You are moving right along. Now on to finding a publisher. Oh boy, now I can go eat chocolate.

  10. Congrats!! Get yourself some chocolate!! You've earned it, girl!

  11. I'm here from Natalie's blog :)

    Major huge CONGRATULATIONS! I know you must have worked hard for this, so I hope you celebrate even harder!

  12. WOW!!! This is fantastic news! I'm so glad I decided to check the blogs tonight! :D

    CONGRATS!!!! I feel quite proud, having read that story (or the first half of it anyway :) ) Way to go for sticking with the edits! Looks like it paid off!!!

  13. Oh wow, congratulations Kasie, that is wonderful news!! You go girl!

  14. YAY! I'm doing a happy dance for you, and I will definitely eat some chocolate in your honor today. :)

  15. Congratulations! That is very exciting. :D

  16. WOW!!!!!! I am so happy for you I could scream too!!!!!! Celebrate in a HUGE way!!!! Yay to Jenni too for seeing a great book!

  17. Well, hot dang, Kasie girl! I couldn't agree with you more about the awesome community of writers that hang out here in the B'phere. So happy for you!

  18. Congratulations! So happy for you.

  19. Just hopped over from Natalie's to say...well done.

    *fanfare sounds*

  20. On your path to novel-writing success:

    Have you considered also writing non-fiction; columns, brief articles, what-have-you?

    You have a very readable style that, even if it is not, seems effortless. It is breezy and fun, irregardless of your subject.

    If nothing else, it is now easier to make a book from longer blog posts...

    -- Paul

  21. Hi, I just came across your blog today for the first time - looks like it was a good day to do so! A success story - wonderful! Congratulations!

  22. Wow! Wow! Wow!!! I feel so out of the loop lately, but what fantastic news to come back to! :D Yay! I'm bouncing up and down in my chair. You totally deserve it Kasie! I hope she finds the perfect home for Elodie, Thad, Abby and everyone else ;D

    P.S. Yay! :D

  23. This is the first time I've come across your blog, but I just want to give you a big CONGRATS! :).

    You'll have to keep us updated as to how the publishing process go for your book :)

  24. We all knew this would be the book to get you an agent! Your hard work paid off and this is well deserved. I am bursting with happiness for you (figuratively, not literally) :)

  25. That is so exciting. Congratulations.

  26. Well, blow me down that is good news. I'm so happy about it I feel like singing a song about it and putting it on U-tube. I'll do us all a favor though and not do that.

  27. Oooh! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. And I definitely will try to get my hands on some chocolate =)

  28. Kasie congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you. Fingers crossed for a book deal, and fast!

  29. Kaylie, thanks. I can't wait to see your little munchkin in July.

    Kiersten, I know, on to more waiting and fretting, yeah? :)

    Nat, now there's an idea. Do you think Hugh Jackman will talk to me now? Do you think my agent can call his agent and we can arrange something? :)

    Debra, eight explanation marks in one comment--awesome. Thanks for all your excitement!

    Linda, I know, only other writers can understand how newsworthy it is. Non-writers just look at me and say, 'okay, so when does your book come out?' And thanks for feeling like my success is your success. That means a lot to me.

  30. Shanti, yes, time for the games. :)

    Chantele, thanks, and thanks for visiting my site.

    Cindy, chocolate, yes, I think I need some more. :)

    Corey, I'm glad I didn't bore you with the details.

    Jenni, you're awesome. Couldn't have done it without you. Love you, girl!!

    Lois, I hope you ate lots of chocolate. I know I did.

  31. Sarah, I've seen you and your peep around, thanks for dropping by. And thanks for the good wishes.

    Stephanie, Wow, thanks for coming over. I just love all this encouragement.

    Renee, THANKS!! And I know, I was so mean to leave you hanging. The other half is yours whenever you want it. :) Thanks for all your helpful edits.

    Sunny, thanks girl. Hey I was on your blog and saw that T-shirt Brian designed. Way cool.

    Carrie--wheee! I'm getting so many fun visitors. Thanks for coming over to congratulate me, I really appreciate it.

  32. Michelle, thanks. I'm so excited.

    Terri, I know, I'm so grateful to Jenni.

    Angie, seriously, so much awesome talent and so much support and encouragement. I love it.

    Erynn, thanks. Hey, you're free today aren't you (or yesterday). Now that's great news!!!

    Whirlochre, thanks for coming over and wishing me congratulations. :)

  33. Paul, wow, thanks. No, I never really have thought of that. I usually don't know how to say anything in a small amount of space/time. Therefore, novel writing is for me. Plus, I'm lazy by nature and think finding a home for articles sounds like a lot of work. :)

    Jennifer, yes, an exciting day to come to my blog. Most other days are pretty normal/boring. :)

    Jenn, eeeeeehhhhh! Thanks. I can't wait until we get together so I can bounce off the walls with everyone.

    Shield Maiden, Thanks, and I will definitely keep everyone updated.

  34. Candi, thanks. I couldn't have done it without you! You kept me writing when I wanted to give up. Thanks.

    Patti, it is exciting, isn't it? I know it is for me. LOL

    Kathryn, THANKS.

    Tricia, will you please sing a song and put it on you-tube? That sounds very entertaining. LOL

    littlescribbler, yes, get your hands on lots of chocolate. :)

    Jessie, thanks, I'm pretty excited. And yeah, will you keep your fingers crossed until I get a book deal? That'd be great, thanks. :)

  35. Woohooo! I saw your cyber scream over at Jessie's blog so I popped over and wow! Congratulations! I hope I stumble over another scream very soon... LOL

  36. Yay! Congratulations on getting an agent. I love the story of how it happened. Thanks for sharing.