Thursday, July 23, 2009


Candi is my best friend and as promised here is my summary of what I know about her from the retreat (and beyond). First of all, she is in the midst of writing two awesome books right now. She writes YA fantasy and to learn more about her books, visit her site. They are amazing. She writes like she does everything else in her life--with deep thought and purpose. She is very good at balancing all aspects of her life. I admire her for this. She knows how to limit herself so she can enjoy everything she does to the fullest.

Candi is my example. I know if she's doing it then it must be okay because she never wavers from that which she believes is right. Everybody that meets and knows Candi loves her because she is accepting and non-judgmental of everyone.

She is my biggest supporter. When I first started writing, Candi was one of the first people I told. Ever since then, she has never failed in encouragement and support for whatever I'm working on. When I've felt ridiculous for making up stories, she's convinced me that I'm not. When I felt like I wasn't as good as other writers and had no business writing, she's told me not to compare myself to others.

Candi makes me laugh. Sometimes too much and at inappropriate times (like in the middle of church). But I always leave a get together with Candi feeling happier than when I arrived.

I could write pages on Candi, really. I could probably write a whole book. :) But I'll end with: Candi is one of the most giving, selfless people I know. And the fact that she puts up with me should say a whole lot about her. :)

Oh, a few tidbits: *she makes a hot old woman *she rocks out on guitar hero (I will beat her one day) *she burns herself more than anyone I know *she is the best amateur editor ever

You should now all proceed to be appropriately jealous if you don't know this girl.

Tomorrow, watch out Natalie, because you are next.

(Remember when Tuesday I said these girls should all be scared? What's worse than having to read shameless praise about yourself? It's so embarrassing.)


  1. I miss Candice. I also admire that she sets limits for herself. I seem not to have that talent. :-(

    OH ... and she's lucky to have you for a friend.

  2. My cheeks are bright red right now. Thanks for being my friend. I think you're amazing! Okay, enough commenting. I'm going to pick up the phone and call you. Love you!

    And Linda, miss you too~!

  3. This is so cute and fun and wonderful! I can imagine Candi's cheeks are burning! *smiling*

    oh, what else have I missed! I have some serious catching up to do in BlogLand! :)

  4. I only just met Candi (face-to-face) over the weekend and I heartily agree. She is literally one of the kindest, funnest and most genuinely welcoming people I've ever met. Thanks again for hosting us, Candi! You're awesome :)

  5. Oh crap, tomorrow? I am a little scared.

    Also, I already miss Candice, and I've only officially met her once. She really has a talent for making one feel accepted and welcome.

  6. How very fun, I am enjoying these series of posts :D

  7. You guys kind of look alike! How awesome to have a best friend that loves to write as much as you do. I hope I can meet you guys some day!:)

  8. Kasie: Can't you get Candice shipped back out here for our writers meetings?

    ... Hope you are doing well, Candi.

  9. I love Candi! I was so happy to meet her that I was giddy. One of the best things about Candice is that she and I "click" in the writing world. That's a lovely thing I'll never take for granted. She is a wonderful person I hope I always get to keep in touch with. :D

  10. Umm all I have to say about this post is DITO!! Candi, I would be surprised to find somebody who doesn't love you!! Miss you!!

  11. I miss you Candice. I'm glad Kasie is honoring your greatness.