Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cold towel anyone?

Okay, so this doesn't necessarily have to do specifically with New York, but I discovered it in New York so will now always associate the two. The refrigerated towel. Yes, it bears repeating: The Refrigerated Towel. It's heaven I tell you.

So my husband comes into the room the first night, after working out in the hotel gym, and the top half of his shirt is damp. I say, "Uh, ew. Did you sweat more than normal today?" He says, "No. There's a refrigerator in the gym and it has towels in it. Best. Thing. Ever." I say, "What's this? Cold towels?"

Now I hadn't planned on working out on my VACATION. But I figured, what the heck. I need to try these cold towels. (Okay, so I had planned on working out, which is why I brought my work out clothes, but secretly I thought that just bringing them in the "hopes" of working out would be very impressive. And then when said workout didn't actually occur everyone would say, 'well, you were on vacation.' And I would say, 'true. true. It's the thought that counts.' [when we all know in reality it's not the thought that counts because thoughts do not burn calories]) So I worked out then used a cold towel. I was glad I did because they are AWESOME! So refreshing and soothing and amazing. (On top of that I get to say I worked out while on vacation. Proceed to be impressed [It will probably never happen again])

I am now trying to justify buying a towel refrigerator. Then when people come over I can say, "Cold towel? Yes? No? Oh, okay just thought I'd ask."


  1. I would say, "yes please!" Kudos on working out on vacation. I've worked out like three times since I got to Ohio (not as impressive). I should go downstairs and do the Bollywood dancing workout that's on my exercise on demand channel. It's hilarious (not the dancing, but me trying to mimic it). Maybe I'll stick a cold towel in the fridge first. Does it have to be damp? What's the full perfect cold-towel recipe?

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  2. So they were cold, DAMP towels right? Hence you husband's wet shirt. I like how you double parenthticalled your why-I-worked-out-but-wasn't-going-to-but-thought-I-maybe-was-going-to clause.

  3. LOL I love the concept!

    My favorite time of the year to workout is winter (I'm in FL so winter is when it gets down to 50 degrees). I'd go to teh gym get sweaty and walk outside into the refreshing cold air. Best workout days ever! And a cold towel seems to meet those same requirements.

  4. I'm terribly impressed! *sits back on my unworked out rump in awe*

    The cold towel! What a great idea!

  5. Hehe! Yes, every house should have a towel refrigerator. I've never heard of that! So I'm guessing they're wet as well, right?

  6. Hey, those may save lives down here in the Sauna Zone (Louisiana)! I once put towels in the fridge by mistake...yeah, the old age I find out I coulda claimed I was doing it on purpose. :)

  7. PS Love your new edgy photo. You're a changling!

  8. Kasie, I am impressed that you brought your work out clothes on vacation!

    I was going to feel ashamed at my general lack of exercise, but then I realized, no refrigerated towels at my house! There's the problem.

  9. That sounds lovely. I hope you get a towel refrigerator so I can use it when I visit.

  10. Lol, that's hilarious! I WISH thoughts burned calories. We writers would be trim and fit!

  11. Lol, Kasie! How funny!! I'd like a cold towel!! haha Who ever invented that idea was a genius!

  12. Being from Canada I just need to walk outside for a few minutes, at least that works most days of the year. Although, I do see the benefit to the cold towel kind of like really good runners who where ice vests.

  13. I've given you an award on my blog.

    You can view it HERE. Scroll down the bottom. Thanks for having a great blog!

  14. Candi, thank you, I will take your kudos and use them as a free pass not to work out for the next week. And when I come visit you will you please do the Bollywood dance exercise for me. You'd be my best friend forever. :)

    Jessie, yes, I left out the damp part. Cold and damp. Ahhh, I can feel them now. I love double parentheticals. It's really how I talk. I'm always adding asides on top of asides until my story has lost its original thread of cohesiveness and nobody knows what I'm talking about anymore. :)

    Megan, we have the same thing here in CA--always hot. So I would imagine that winter is the best time to work out. I think I just pile on an extra layer of fat in the winter because I honestly can't say I've ever left the gym and had that ahh feeling. That is a weird revelation I'm having right now. Have I really never gone to the gym in the winter??

  15. Lois, thank you for the proper amount of awe. That's what I was hoping for when bragging about my workout. :)

    Michelle, I agree. See, another person who is supporting my fridge purchase. And yes, I forgot to mention they are damp as well.

    Angie, you could've started a revolutionary new idea with the cold towel. But now you only have the claim that you thought of it first. :) And thanks for the compliment on my photo. I'm not sure if I like it. I don't know why but it feels a bit pretentious, but the compliments are helping.

    Renee, until your house gets a fridge for towels there is no need to feel bad about not working out. It's my new go-to excuse. :)

    Natalie, yet another reason to get a fridge. And please, come visit soon. :)

  16. Cindy, that's exactly what I was thinking. We would be the skinniest people on earth. *sigh* Oh well, at least we can write about characters who are in shape. Can I count their work-outs as my own?

    Sunny, I agree. Pure genius. I wish I could say it was me. But I never have any good ideas. :)

    Patti, ice vests?? I'm just learning all sorts of new things. That sounds heavenly. Maybe I don't need a refrigerator after all. I'll just get myself an ice vest.

    Michelle, thanks. That reminds me, I still need to post the other award you gave me. Thanks for the awards. I'm in need of some bling on my sidebar so you're awesome.

  17. Wow neato! That would insprire me to work out more. :O)

  18. Wow! I never thought of that - I really want a towel warmer, but a towel in the fridge - huhn! dang!

  19. I've never been to New York, just like I've never met the other writers in your group, but let me say that after reading your blog, I'm confident I would love them both! (I'm also confident that was a very long sentence.)

  20. I've had plenty of warm wash clothes in Sushi bars, but never a cold towel. Fascinating twist!

    As a Las Vegas native and resident, I think the cold towel thing would work really well here, especially in the summer.

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  22. I am interested in buying a refrigerator for towels that we would have outside in the summer time on our courts. Does anyone know where I could purchase one?

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