Monday, August 31, 2009

Home of the street hot dog, real pizza, and a lot of the world's literary agents (including mine)

New York, I love that I can walk down pretty much any of your streets and find nearly anything I would want to eat. Did it slightly disturb my husband that he couldn't figure out where street vendors used the bathroom and subsequently washed their hands? I'm not gonna lie, it did. Okay, more than slightly disturbed him. Every time he saw one he asked, "Where do they go to the bathroom, Kasie, where?" And remember I said you can find them everywhere, so I got this question a lot. But it didn't stop us from eating a few hot dogs while we were there. It was obvious I wasn't from New York, though, because when they all said: "Everything on it?" I screamed out while holding up my hands: "NO! Just ketchup, just ketchup." (Yes, I'm a toppings wimp)

We also ate the best pizza while we were there. Real pizza. New York pizza. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

And of course being in New York prompted my often repeated lines to my husband: "My agent lives here." "Yes, Kasie, I know," he'd say. "Have I told you yet that I have an agent?" I'd ask him. "I think you have, but I must've forgotten because you never talk about it."

The first day I was in New York, when my husband was in meetings, I rode the subway to her office. I stood outside her door with a big smile on my face staring at the plaque with her name on it. Did I feel like a creepy stalker? No, why do you ask? I had emailed her before I went, hoping we could do lunch, but she's on maternity leave and is staying with her in-laws who don't live in New York. They're helping her take care of the twins. So, I had to satisfy the 'fan-girl' crush I have on her by staring at her office door. :) Yes, I really am that big of a dork. It was fun. And, yes, a huge reason I love New York--literary agents, publishing houses, and editors in high concentration. *Happy Sigh*


  1. It makes me so happy to imagine you outside her office with that big grin of yours on your face:) I also imagine squealing.

  2. LOL I thought about the bathroom thing, too! Then I learned that no business can refuse to let you use their bathroom, so I told myself they just run into the nearest building.

    And I also blogged about the pizza when I got back. Why does it taste so GOOD there?

    Unfortunately, I couldn't have the thrill of standing outside MY agent's door ... but I love that you did!

  3. I wonder if they wear depends or something. How could they leave their cart? Maybe they're just not out there for very long at any one time. It's a good question. Did you chance asking one of them?

    I so totally would have done the same thing about going by the agents office. Of course you have to see it and gawk at her name on the sign. Who wouldn't?

  4. I'm so jealous! But hopefully, not for long... Did you let her know you "visited" her while you were there?

  5. You are too cute. And now I am hungry, and wondering where street vendors wash their hands. I hope they at least have those sanitary wipes in there pocket and use them or something.

  6. Just the words standing outside my agents door should send shivers down your spine. It's so great that you could go see where she worked.

  7. This made me laugh so hard. I'm like Natalie, I can totally imagine exactly what you look like outside your agent's office. I miss your enormous grin!! Accompanied by a squealing "eeeeh" of course.

  8. Natalie, actually there was no squealing involved but only because I was numb with excitement. :)

    Linda, I guess they could run to the nearest building. Or maybe they just hold it all day. And the pizza, yum. I do remember you blogging about it. The only thing better than standing outside my agent's door would've been to stand inside it. LOL

    Lois, I didn't ask any of them. I should've since it was bothering my husband so much. And, yes, there was lots of gawking going on.

    Debra, I haven't let her know yet, but I will. She already knows I'm the biggest dork ever. :)

  9. Amber, I was hoping they had hand sanitizer too. I just tried not to think about it. (It was hard with my husband always asking)

    Patti, it sends shivers every time. It never gets old.

    Candi, it's quite amusing isn't it? But since I always have the cheesy grin, it's definitely not hard to imagine.

  10. I love everything on my hot dogs. EVERYTHING. So good. Hehe.

    So sad you didn't get to meet up with your agent! :(

  11. Do they have guards outside agents offices? Just curious. No reason.