Saturday, August 8, 2009


First, I want to say sorry this took me so long, Michelle. I mean, I know you were dying to be embarrassed, but my computer is being worked on and I finally had to break down and figure out how to use my husband's. So anyway, everyone, this is Michelle. She's awesome. I know I keep saying that about everyone, but really, they all are. She writes adult fiction. To find out more about her books that I got the privilege to hear some small sections of (they were really good) visit her site.

Michelle may seem shy at first, but she has a quiet confidence that soon becomes very apparent. She is thoughtful and mature; deep and caring. This shows in her writing--it's very layered and thought provoking.

On her writing website, her posts are always insightful and full of helpful information. She is supportive and encouraging to her friends and fellow writers. Michelle taught us some really amazing writing techniques at the retreat. She is a great teacher and very patient.

At the retreat, we did this 20 minute "write off" where we were give a character, a setting, and an item/prop and had 20 minutes to make up a story. On the spot Michelle thought up a plot so well crafted that when she was through reading it I wanted more. In twenty minutes! (seriously, I was surrounded by creative geniuses)

Some tidbits about Michelle: *she's an amazing photographer(scroll down and check out some of the pics she took in my post about the retreat) *she likes junior mints too *she writes some really saucy kissing scenes that had us all giggling like school girls (yes, they were good) *she has an adorable daughter *she loves all things shakespearean

Michelle, I'm glad I got to know you better. You are so much fun.

Well, that concludes my spotlights from the retreat. I had so much fun doing this that I might occasionally bring the spotlights out again to highlight some of you. So be careful, I'll be watching (and waiting to embarrass you with shameless praise).

Like I mentioned before my computer is out of commission (again) and I'm slowly dying. I'm supposed to get it back Monday just in time for me to head off to New York for the week. So I'll talk to you all when I get back. :)


  1. Kasie, you're a sweetheart! I'm blushing like you wouldn't believe. Have fun in New York! And no worries about taking so long. I was hoping I would be last in order to delay all this blushing. Excuse me while I go write some more kissing scenes...

  2. Yeah, she's pretty cool. I don't hang out with her frequently for nothing. (Yes, I'm totally rubbing that in.)

  3. Great post, Kasie! Michelle is awesome :) Anyone who has ideas like having a "read-over" cannot be overestimated. :)

  4. One thing I noticed about Michelle is her patience. She is able to look at all aspects of her writing and really analyze it and why it is or isn't working. She's also really, really good at explaining techniques to other people. She is kind and caring and an all around wonderful person!

  5. Kasie and Michelle, I love you both madly. Thanks for being great writers and great inspirations to the writing community.

    Now, about that kissing scene...

  6. I think Michelle is pretty dang AWESOME, if I do say so myself!! I'm so glad once again that I got to meet her and everyone else. Michelle, I'm still your woman if you want me to read some more of your kissing scenes.....hehehe!!

  7. How cool is this! I'm going to have to go back now and read all your spotlights. I hate that I wasn't able to make it out for the retreat. It looked like so much fun!

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