Monday, August 3, 2009


Meet Jenn. She's another one of the wonderful girls I met at the retreat. She's awesome. She actually picked me up at the airport and we spent three hours in the car together on the way to the cabin. It was so much fun. Our topics ranged from writing (of course) to Prison Break (not her prison break, but the TV show).

Jenn writes YA Fantasy (do I sense a theme here?) and I get the privilege of being one of her alpha/beta readers (do I sense a theme here?). To learn more about her awesome books, visit her website.

This girl is a people person. Really, people meet her and they love her. And I completely understand why. She's genuine and fun and knows exactly when to talk and exactly when to listen. She's had lots of experiences in her young life that make her wise beyond her years. She's great at giving advice and encouragement.

She writes with determination and dedication and views setbacks as learning experiences. She takes the time to study writing and is good at applying what she learns expertly. She is very good at sharing what she's learned from writer's conferences and books in a way that's to the point and easy to understand.

A few tidbits about Jenn: *She has an amazing voice *She has great taste in music *She rocks out on the drums in guitar hero *Her hair is awesome *She's afraid of heights *She makes some amazing gumbo *She's a speed demon *She's really funny

See, like I said, this is one amazing girl.

And last, but not least, I will spotlight Michelle in a couple days. :)


  1. Ack! erm... Thanks... Kasie...

    I'll get even soon.

    *hides under rock*
    *muffled muahahaha*

  2. Jenn is pretty dang awesome. We hung out on Sat, and I worked very hard to suppress my urge to steal her hair.

  3. She's one of the first people I read when I decided to become more active on here. I'm really enjoying her blogs!

  4. I love Jenn! And you've nailed it when you say she's genuine and how she knows when to listen and when to share. She's definitely people oriented, and her hair is some of the most amazing hair I've ever seen!

  5. Aww... and here I was thinking I talk too much... you guys are so nice. :)


  6. These "spotlights" on everyone are so well done - makes me want to meet and know everyone here - including you! *smiling* -

  7. Yet I say it again, I was blessed enough to be invited to this retreat and meet this AWESOME chica!! Ha, now you are stuck with me ;)!!

  8. Man, I wish I could meet Jenn! We live so close to each other... Maybe someday. :0

  9. Steph - I'll be stuck with you any day, lady! :)

    ElanaJ - We should totally make that happen! We're practically neighbors after all... it makes us duty bound. :P

  10. Jenn, I love that you're replying to all the comments for me. See what I said, everyone, this girl loves people.

    And sorry, guys, my computer screen decided to give up on me so I've vanished momentarily. (I'm on my husband's lame one right now) I had to take mine to the doctor. Yes, Nat, I'm dying.

  11. It looks like you have a great support group and everyone being totally awesome. How rare is that?

  12. I've never met anyone who can internalize and utilize new ideas as fast as Jenn. She's multi-talented and has exceptional taste in music!! :)