Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to me

I've gotten a few blog awards over the last week or so and I thought it would be appropriate to post them today--Like gifts to myself. And since it's Christmas and we all know it's better to give than to receive I thought I would even spread the love and pass them on to others as well (which technically I would do even if it wasn't Christmas because those are kind of the rules of blog awards but we'll pretend that I'm making a special exception for today and that I'm giving and selfless and stuff).

The first award I received was from the awesome Tamara Heiner. We met in the comments section of another blog (isn't it fun how that works) and she's great. This is the Honest Scrap Award which I'm supposed to pass to 10 people who I feel have honest blogs. Then I have to list 10 facts about myself.

I know it says 10, but since I have 3 awards today, I think I'll stick with 5 for this one. I pass this award to:

1. Julie Nelson because she is always letting us delve into her daily life, and her writing life, with her in an honest, fun way that I love.

2. Renee Collins because she is fun and honest in her feelings and experiences. I enjoy her.

3. Corey Swartz makes me laugh and always shares her straightforward opinions.

4. Christine Bryant has let us experience her road to publication in an honest and helpful way. She's also very supportive of others.

5. Jenn Johansson is one of my most favorite people. Her blog is just as fun as she is.

And I know it says 10 facts, but that's a lot, more than you'd ever want to know about me, so I'll share 5.

1. I love earrings. Big dangly ones.

2. I secretly dream about trying out for American Idol, but there are two big problems. (Yes, just two) One, I'm too old. And, two, I would be one of those contestants that Simon would look at and say, "You do know you're horrible, right?" I'd tell him I sound awesome when I sing in the shower only to have him point to the door while Randy is busy hiding his laughter. I'd have to slink away in shame swearing to the camera that if I hadn't been so nervous I could've been the next Kelly Clarkson. (Can you tell I'm excited for American Idol to start?)

3. And, relating to the confession above, I have the American Idol voting number memorized because unlike many people who say, "I'm a huge fan, but never vote." I admit that I least ten times per episode. I know, it's sad.

4. I don't shave my legs in the winter. (It normally isn't a big deal, I wear jeans everyday and then tall boots to church. But today I wanted to get a pedicure and I cursed myself for my laziness.)

5. When I was a kid I watched "The Sound of Music" everyday after school for a year. Every. Day. Yes, I still love it. And yes, I still know all the songs. I'm not quite so obsessed with it anymore, though.

The second award I got is from Shannon O'Donnell who is so sweet. I think this award might have been made just for her. But she decided to give it to me anyway. As part of this award I'm supposed to nominate 5 other blogs that find a silver lining even on those gray days.

Again, because I have so many awards today, I'll pick 2.

1. Tamika is constantly finding the positive in things and I often feel uplifted after reading her blog.

2. Elizabeth also has inspiring posts and makes me smile.

The third award I received is from Julie Nelson who makes me all kinds of happy. I know I mentioned her above, but I must say again, she's a fun read. If you haven't been to her blog yet, you should swing by.

The rules with this award are that I'm supposed to share a childhood reading memory and then pass it along to 5 other bloggers.

I feel very blessed because both my parents were avid readers. I would often go into their bedroom to find them both leaning against the headboard, side-by-side, reading lights on, quietly reading separate books. Most of my favorite reading memories from childhood include my father gathering all five of his children on his queen size bed while he read to us "The Hobbit" or "Lord of the Rings". I'm not sure how he got us all to sit still and listen, but I love him for it because he instilled in me a love of books as did my mother whom I rarely found without one.

Again, I will point out the amount of awards and share this one with only 1 (maybe I'm not as selfless and giving as I pointed out at the beginning of my post. That may be the case, but I think it has more to do with my laziness):

1. Patti Nelson is one of my favs. She's lots of fun and always has insightful posts.


  1. Congrats on your three awards and to your recipients (all are great choices).

    I had to laugh at your big earrings and American Idol comments - you really are too cute for words! And the reading memory made me smile and think, Awww, that is so sweet. :)

    Merry Christmas, Kasie!

  2. Congrats to everyone! I'm not an American Idol watcher...I try to stay away from reality TV as much as I can! It's too addictive.

  3. Hey thanks, Kasie! Very kind of you. :)

    I enjoyed your five facts too. *chants* Idol, Idol, Idol! Woo hoo!

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