Friday, April 23, 2010

That's Gross

Last week I'm standing in the kitchen doing dishes (yes, I know that's hard to imagine, but it does happen every now and again) and my son is eating a cookie (easier to imagine). When he is done, he has chocolate all around his mouth.

"Bubs," I say, "you have chocolate all over your mouth, you need a napkin."

"My tongue is a napkin," he says, sticking it out and proceeding to mop up the chocolate in big slobbery tongue rotations.

Cue me clasping my hands together in motherly adoration and laughing while I tell my son he is so stinking cute and funny. And then, of course, I tweet about my hilarious child comedian.

Fast forward to this week. My same adorable son has snot dripping out his nose and down his face. "Ew," I say, "You have snot. You need a tissue."

And, of course, he says, "My tongue is a tissue." After receiving such adoration for his previous performance why wouldn't he bring it back for another go?



  1. (And husbands...)

  2. lol! Oh little boys. I caught mine wiping his nose on the wall the other day, as in literally smearing his face across the wall. Always fun.

  3. Substitute tissues=sleeves, blankets, couch cushions, undersides of tables, fingernails, stray toys, bedposts.

  4. My kids like to use their hair as a napkin/tissue. Yeah...

  5. I still have to remind the husband from time to time he has a napkin, use it. Thankfully tissues are not an issue. *Blink* I don't even want a think about an adult man with that issue. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. Yummy.

    I really can't say much because my youngest regularly licks her snot. I have to be constantly on the lookout, too, because her tongue reaches all the way to her nostrils.

    I repeat ... yummy.

  7. Yucky, but still funny and adorable.

  8. Nice! Haha, I'll be careful about what I tell Darcy. :)

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