Friday, March 25, 2011


So does the Captain America movie trailer creep anyone else out?? (I will be seeing it. It looks awesome. I just hope the transformation happens fairly early in the movie so I'm not creeped out for too long.)

Watch it here

It is so weird to see Chris Evans' face on an altered body. Kind of like Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button. It totally freaks me out. Maybe because it looks so unnatural. Unlike this image, which isn't creepy at all because it is so completely realistic:

(Note that I am even whiter than Nicole Kidman. I need to get out more.)


  1. Ha ha ha! That is hilarious (though I can't blame you seeing that it's Hugh Jackman...yowsa)! And I agree about Captain America. I only hope that scrawny ugly Chris Evans (boy, never thought I'd say those words about HIM) isn't in the movie too long!

  2. Funny you should mention that, I just added the 'I hope the transformation happens fast' to my post. lol I completely agree.

    And yes, Hugh Jackman=beautiful. :)

  3. Drool...LOVE Hugh Jackman. That trailer is a little...I guess you said it correctly. Creepy.
    We totally need to take compare skin. I swear I'm whiter than you! Someday when we meet, I'll show you up! ;)

  4. LOL!

    This post made me laugh on many levels.

    First, that picture. It's genius! You actually look perfect together. The lighting is the same, and you and Nicole Kidman have the exact same hair and skin tone. I love it. :D

    (You see? You and Hugh are meant to be together!!!)

    But also the trailer. HA. I hadn't seen it before, but it IS creepy. The skinny, scrawny Chris Evans *and* the Buff-Maker Machine.

  5. There's some Hugh Jackman love going on today...which is always good! I love to watch him act--you guys see him in Swordfish? (yum!)

  6. Ha ha!! Buff-Maker Machine. Hilarious!!

  7. Chantele, Sigh. That's it. I'm booking a plane to see you so that I can prove my whiteness to you. The only person who has ever beat me in whiteness is my little sister. Although, it does depend on time of year. After the summer, the edge is taken off my blinding glow.

    And, on another note, I'm glad we all appreciate the beauty that is Hugh Jackman.

    Renee, I have always known that Hugh and I would make an amazing couple (which is why he is my boyfriend). This picture just proves it. :) And would that we all had a Buff-Maker machine (love that name). lol

    Jamie, yes, yum is a perfect descriptor. :)

  8. Love this! There are few actors out there worth the time and Hugh Jackman is definitely one of them!

  9. LOL that picture is just great!
    And I think I'm even whiter than you! LOL.

  10. Ha, ha. You're funny. I am white, too. We should get together someday and see who is the whitest since we like to compete.

  11. Wow, that trailer IS kinda creepy. Love the pic of you & Hugh, though. ;)

  12. hehe, love the picture. You and your "boyfriend" make a cute couple. ;) I don't even think I've seen the trailer for Captain America before. It is more than a little creepy...